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Gamers and Gaga Fans Thrill to Mother Monster's 'Fortnite' Tweet

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 2 MIN.

Mother Monster is about to fly into Fortnite Festival. Gaga posted a virtual image of herself with a teasing message that has fans excited for what she's got in mind.

The news comes five years after Lady Gaga made a viral admission of not knowing what Fortnite is. In 2019, she "posed a pressing question to the tens of millions of people who follow her on Twitter: 'What's fortnight?'" Rolling Stone recalled.

"After five years of leaving us waiting on the edge of our seats," Rolling Stone went on to add, "Gaga has revealed that not only does she know what the video game platform is – and how to spell its name – she's collaborating with Fortnite Festival."

"The upcoming 'Joker: Folie á Deux' actress shared an image of a digital recreation of herself to social media Tuesday in a quote-tweet of her memorable 2019 post," Entertainment Weekly detailed.

Gaga's new post improved on the one from 2019 "with the correct spelling" of the online game, Billboard noted. "She also shared a sneak peek of her Fortnite avatar, glowing in a pink Chromatica fog," the music news outlet added.

"Many took this as an indication that Gaga would follow in the footsteps of The Weeknd, who partnered with the Epic Games title in 2023 to create a playable headlining festival set featuring his music," EW relayed.

"When Fortnite Festival launches its second season on Feb. 22, select entries from Gaga's discography will be available within the game, according to Rolling Stone," Billboard detailed. "It is still unclear when or if Gaga will have a virtual performance within the festival."

The Fortnite Festival is "[b]illed as a 'music-driven, rhythm-based game' that is 'playable as two unique experiences: Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Fortnite Festival Jam Stage,'" EW explained, adding that "the Fortnite Festival offshoot from the main battle royale-style original allows players to enter the game's popular environment and 'play through a licensed soundtrack of some global hits and Fortnite originals,' per Epic's website."

"If she joins her 'Rain on Me' co-star Ariana Grande – who got her own playable skin in 2021 – prepare to see countless TikToks of Lady Gaga assassinating Peter Griffin," Vulture joked, before cracking: "With her starring role in Joker 2: Folie á Deux yet to come, 2024 marks a big year of Gaga inserting herself into straight men's business."

"The Fortnite teaser comes amid Gaga's repeated teases about a potential upcoming album, studio sessions for which she has previewed online in recent weeks," EW noted.

Could some of that new Gaga music be just a... ahem... "Fortnite" away?

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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