Pioneering Gender-Free Beauty: Meet Your New Favourite Indie Makeup Brand, Jecca Blac


Who is Jecca Blac, you ask?

Jessica Blackler (Founder of Jecca Blac) built a career as a Makeup Artist in TV and Film, establishing herself as an expert in transforming the facial features of any makeup wearer. It occurred to Jessica how much more accessible it should be to transform features with user-friendly techniques from home, and so she decided to create an educational, safe space makeup studio where she could share her expertise with day-to-day makeup wearers.

With her welcoming, judgement-free approach to learning about makeup, Jessica quickly established herself among the local trans community and she became renowned as the go-to for makeup lessons among transfeminine makeup wearers. In these lessons, the same questions surfaced among her trans clientele: "what's the best way to conceal my beard shadow? How do I contour to soften my features?"

With this newfound insight into the makeup needs of the trans community, Jessica realised the oversight of the beauty world in not creating products that provide user-friendly solutions to these challenges from home. That's when she decided to launch Jecca Blac as a gender-free makeup brand, starting with her first ever product launch: the award-winning Correct & Conceal Palette.

This Palette was the first of its kind created to truly meet the base coverage needs of any makeup wearer, as it was also designed with those in mind who seek beard shadow coverage. A colour correction and concealer duo with cream formulas for a natural-looking result, this Palette kickstarted Jecca Blac's growing collection of vegan, cruelty-free products, which even includes solutions to contouring and eyebrow blocking.

Jecca Blac operates with a trans-inclusive team and has created events specifically with a purpose of uniting the trans+ community and allies in the same welcoming, safe-space environment cultivated in those initial one-to-one makeup lessons. Every campaign and partnership reflects their mission of providing accurate representation for an often overlooked community, spotlighting important issues and creating space not just during Pride Month, but every month of the year.

Every product launch and project Jecca Blac undertakes is driven by their mantra: authentic, creative, inclusive. Jecca Blac has also provided voluntary support for trans prisoners, and regularly fundraises for LGBTQ+ charities including For The Gworls, Trans Law Center and GLAAD.

We're so excited to have been able to share Jecca Blac's story with you today, and have no doubt their work is bringing us a little closer to the proud, empowered, beauty-beyond-gender eutopia we all deserve!

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