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EDGE Interview: Jake Resnicow Plans Record-Breaking Dreamland Fashion Week in Central Park Saturday

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Nightlife event planner Jake Resnicow got his start here at EDGE, as Nightlife Editor. From there he has gone on to become a pre-eminent nightlife promotor. He was the first to launch Matinée to the U.S. with world-class events at Governors Island, Universal Studios Orlando, Cowabunga Bay WaterPark, and Winter Party, among others. He has since become one of the world's leading event producers, with his focus on extravagant production as well as the guest experience, making sure that each event always retains a personal touch.

In 2018, he was honored as one of the OUT100 Most Influential LGBTQ People of the Year. His Pride Festivals in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are spectacles, combining elaborate theatrical sets and A-list talent. He has made a name for himself as a party-giving philanthropist, producing some of the most prestigious fundraiser events for organizations including Life Ball, Trevor Project, The White Party Gala, Ali Forney Center, Lambda Legal, and It Gets Better.

According to the event website, this weekend he hosts Dreamland Fashion Week in Central Park, which has already set the Guinness World Record for "The Largest Attendance at a Fashion Show" during this September's NYC Fashion Week. 5,000 are expected at the event that is tailor made to bring music, fashion, and art together like never before.

Multi-Grammy awarding winning producer and DJ Diplo will headline Dreamland Fashion Week in Central Park with performances by Canadian producer and DJ Blond:ish and Piano House Queen LP Giobbi. There will be interactive art installations, vibrant pop-up shops, and collaborations with multi-media artists. The main event will feature a runway show spotlighting the stunning creations of one of the fashion industry's most prominent designers,Marco Marco.

In the full-length fashion show – the designer's first in five years – Marco Marco will unveil their latest creations and whisk audiences on a breathtaking and enchanting retrospective journey of founder Marco Morante's most provocative creations from the last twenty years. Presented by Jake Resnicow, Dreamland Fashion Week in Central Park takes place Saturday, September 9 at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm (doors open at 3:00 pm). Tickets are available now on Ticketmaster.

EDGE spoke to Resnicow about his career, Dreamland Fashion Week, and setting the Guinness World Record for "Largest Attendance at a Fashion Show."

Marco Marco - Collection 7 - New York Fashion Week

EDGE: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Jake Resnicow: I've been producing LGBTQ+ events since 2010. I'm really proud of some of the larger-scale events we've been doing over the last few years. Most recently: Festivals in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Central Park. It's definitely a dream job, and I'm super happy and proud to be doing what I do.

EDGE: How did you get your start as a promoter?

Jake Resnicow: It's a funny story. I got my start DJing at bar mitzvahs and weddings at 16 years old. I feel like entertainment was always in my blood. I went to school for government thinking I was going to change the world, but the more I learned about it, the less I wanted to get into it. I went to Spain and experienced this amazing party and asked the promotors, "What would it take to bring this party to the U.S.?" I took a huge leap of faith and jumped through a bunch of hoops, and I produced my very first event on Governor's Island during Pride in 2010. I knew this was my calling, and it's been full speed ahead ever since.

Billy Porter performs at Dreamland Pride 2023

EDGE: Tell me about Dreamland Fashion Week?

Jake Resnicow: We produced the very first event for our community in Central Park in June. We had Purple Disco Machine, Paris Hilton, and a few surprise appearances and performances by Kim Petras and Billy Porter. It truly was magical and iconic. Producing an event in Central Park was truly one of a kind, and I didn't want to wait another year to do it again. The stars aligned and we moved forward with producing Dreamland in Central Park during Fashion Week. I am very excited about this event.

EDGE: What does Fashion Week mean to you?

Jake Resnicow: Fashion Week has historically been an event that's been guest list only and very exclusive. I truly wanted to change that paradigm and make this event inclusive. All are welcome to come to our event. Central Park is an incredible venue. We're truly able to make this an event and experience that people will remember for a long time.

EDGE: Was it intentional that this even would set Guinness World Record for "Largest Attendance at a Fashion Show"?

Jake Resnicow: We wanted to do something that really fit the theme of fashion week, so I reached out to Marco Marco who's an incredible designer. He's designed for many celebrities, including Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and Bebe Zahara Benet just to name a few. He also produced the first all transgender fashion show during New York Fashion Week several years ago. He is amazing and I can't wait to see what he has to show us. I found out that the largest attendance for a fashion show was only a thousand, and we're already sold over 3,000 tickets. We will definitely shatter that record with this incredible fashion show.


EDGE: As a DJ, what does Diplo bring to the table for an event like this?

Jake Resnicow: He's an incredible ally. He recently came out in an interview and said he's not gay, so we'll read between the lines there. Bringing him to the table along with Blond:ish, who's a producer and a proud member of the LGBTQ community. She recently did that incredible remix of Madonna's "Sorry." Also joining us is LP Giobbi, who's been an incredible ally. Having them all come together and spin this event will truly be something for the books. It is truly going to be spectacular and should not be missed.

EDGE: Can you name some of the special guests?

Jake Resnicow: Marco Marco has quite a few surprises for us on the runway including Boomer Banks, Raja Gemini, and several other big-name queens and A-list stars. I don't want to give away too much, so you'll have to be there to see them all.

Dreamland Pride 2023

EDGE: Describe your perfect party.

Jake Resnicow: I'm passionate about what I do because we get to create a safe space for our community. A space where all can come together from all different walks of life and express ourselves. For me, that's the most rewarding thing. The perfect party incorporates all the elements of wow experiences where you truly create long-lasting friendships and partnerships. Recently, I had someone email me to say that they met their partner at one of my events 10 years ago and they never would have met if it wasn't for that event. Those are the kind of stories that really make me feel good and inspired to keep on doing what I do.

EDGE: What does the LGBTQ community mean to you?

Jake Resnicow: It's about making these experiences and curating things that are truly special. One thing that I'm especially passionate about as a board member for Femme House) is that less than 1% of charting artists on Billboard are LGBTQ+. This is something that we need to change, and a lot of my fundraising activities are about shattering that record and putting more queer artists on stages and making them headliners. I want to give new artists the opportunity to shine.

EDGE: Any new projects coming up that you would like to promote?

Jake Resnicow: After Dreamland Fashion Week, we also have our annual Dreamland Festival in Miami over New Year's weekend. It is definitely the place to be. In April of 2024, we are producing Utopia, which is an amazing island destination on the island of Isla Mujere, Mexico. That is happening April 5th through the 8th.

by Steve Duffy

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