Paul Mescal Source: Instagram / @pascalispunk

'Gladiator 2' Trailer Drops but We're Still Hot for Paul Mescal's Thirst Trap (Thanks to Pedro Pascal)


The highly anticipated trailer for "Gladiator 2" dropped Tuesday morning, but it's a recent thirst trap from the film's star Paul Mescal that has us talking.

Directed by Ridley Scott, who helmed the Oscar-winning first film 24 years ago, the long-awaited sequel stars Mescal along with Pedro Pascal, Connie Nielsen and Denzel Washington. Variety gives a rundown of the sequel's plot:

"Lucius is the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and the nephew of Commodus, the original film's antagonist played by Joaquin Phoenix. He was portrayed as a child by Spencer Treat Clark in the original 'Gladiator' movie.

The sequel picks up years later with Lucius now living in the northern African region of Numidia, where he was sent by his mother as a child as it was just outside the reach of the Roman Empire. Events bring Lucius back to Rome as a gladiator, where he makes new enemies and reunites with his mother."

While many will be excited to see the new footage of "Gladiator 2," many are even more thrilled that Pascal shared a thirst trap of costar Mescal on Instagram over the weekend. Mescal is seen shirtless and buff but in gladiator gear, while taking a break from filming the action sequel. The pic came behind a poster of the film that Pascal posted and captioned "Come and get it."

Of course fans were ready to come and get it: "Thirsty doesn't even begin to cover it. I ain't even sorry," one fan wrote. "who ordered the snack?" another account wrote, adding the eyes emoji.

Take a look at the trailer and the thirst trap below!

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