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Ex-'Queen of Mean' Lisa Lampanelli Returns to Provincetown this August


Ex-'Queen of Mean' Lisa Lampanelli Returns to Provincetown this August

The Provincetown Theater is excited to present a script-in-hand reading of Lisa Lampanelli's new solo show, "Lisa Lampanelli: Irrelevant!," for one night only on August 31st, 2024. This marks her second appearance at the Provincetown Theater, following her presentation of her one-woman show, "The Gorge," in April 2019.

The show chronicles Lisa's journey from "Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean" to "A Queen with No Meaning" after her retirement from standup comedy in 2018. Having toiled for more than 30 years on her goal – to become the world's best insult comic – Lisa had a single purpose, an obsession, for three decades. Then, she walked away from it all with another dream: to become a life coach and help people achieve their dreams.

Great plan, huh?

Well, maybe not. Two years later in 2020, Lisa was the one thing she never thought she'd be: Irrefutably, inarguably, unmistakably irrelevant. And it was anything but comfortable.

In her new solo show, "Lisa Lampanelli: Irrelevant!," the former comedian will reveal all about her later-in-life path to find relevance. From trying hobbies that imploded to becoming a chronic meddler to moving into her parents' home and trying to live their life, Lisa will share her humorous take on her struggles to cobble together an existence with her career-less self at the center. The ultimately hopeful journey in "Lisa Lampanelli: Irrelevant!" will resonate with audience members who have felt unmoored in their own post-pandemic, post-career, and post-relevance world.

*The performance of "Lisa Lampanelli: Irrelevant!" on Saturday, August 31, is a workshop, script-in-hand one-night-only event with all ticket proceeds being donated to the Provincetown Theater. An audience talk-back will follow the performance.

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