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These 'Most Attractive Penis' Findings Might Surprise You

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If you ask us, all penises are special in their own way. But a recently study claims that there is an "ideal" shape and length.

As reported by The Daily Mail, researchers from the University of California, Riverside reportedly set out to construct the "perfect" penis by surveying 1,029 men and women, and the results might surprise.

Researchers apparently had the participants look at computer-generated images of erect, circumcised penises to paint a better picture of what makes a penis a "great" penis. They assessed everything from the base to the head, to the shaft, and the cylindrical nature of the male member.

In the survey, participants were shown a pair of images where one aspect of the penis had been digitally altered – such as shaft length or the shape of the head.

According to participants, they preferred members with a longer shaft and a more rounded ridge at the base of the "head." But not a big head.

There was also a preference for penises that remained the same width from top to bottom over those that changed widths size.

No, this wasn't a study attempting to determine if size matters, but a study meant to help reconstructive and gender-confirmation surgeons.

"The ideal phallic esthetic varies by individual, and there were statistically significant preferences across age... and sexual orientation," wrote Dr Justin Cordero, a urologist, and other collaborators on the study. "This study can serve as a guide on phalloplasties for patients and gender-affirming surgeons."

Interestingly, researches found differences in penis preferences when it came to age and sexual orientation.

Older adults were reportedly "25 percent less likely to prefer a larger ridge at the base of the penis, compared with younger individuals and 18.4 percent less likely to prefer a head that was angled at its base," the Daily Mail reports.

Among heterosexuals, who accounted for 539 of the study's participants, 65 percent were more likely to prefer a larger corona.

"The paper also included 92 adults who were transgender male – 10 percent of the total – and 25 who were transgender female – three percent of the total," Daily Mail reports.

by Emell Adolphus

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