Adam Lambert and Vincint performing "Another Lover" Source: Twitter

Did Adam Lambert and Vincent Just Make the Perfect 2024 Pride Anthem?

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 1 MIN.

We just might have our 2024 Pride anthem with a special dance track from Vincint featuring Adam Lambert called "Another Lover."

The song is off Vincint's upcoming EP, and Lambert perfectly adds that rockstar something to the song and listeners will want to give it another listen again and again.

"Vincint and I have been friends for years and once I heard the new track coming together, I immediately loved it and was honored to be asked to sing on it," said Lambert about the song. "It's the perfect pride bop for summer! After debuting the track in my Sydney Mardi Gras headline set, I'm excited the world can now stream it!"

Vincint wrote the song with Annie Schindel, RZY and Skywalk, and the song was reportedly inspired by a real-life experience after a Coachella performance.

"I was on a high from the stage, dancing with my crew, riding the wave, and locked eyes with a boy. I then had one of the best nights of my life," said Vincent about the track. "This song is about making the fantasy a reality, owning your sexiness and body, and diving in."

And diving deep. Listen to the song below.

Continuing the party, Lambert just released a reimagined version of his song "Whataya Want From Me," remixed by DJ WhiteShadow.

Titled the "HEMix," Lambert changed lyrics to lean into his queerness, which was something he said he couldn't do when the song was first released.

Are you ready for Pride Month?

by Emell Adolphus

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