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Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown Are Going to Be Dads

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Barely a year after wedding bells rang for Colton underwood and his husband Jordan C. Brown, the couple have a new announcement: They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their son via surrogate, People Magazine reported.

The new arrival is expected in October.

Underwood opened up to Men's Health with the news, describing how he and Brown shared a room at the facility to provide their sperm, but the moment was hardly romantic: "It's very hard to set a mood" in a clinical environment, he warned. "So for any men that like to have their setup and be specific, it's challenging."

After his chat with Men's Health, the out reality show celebrity spoke with People Mag about their excitement at becoming parents.

"Everybody's been so excited," the magazine quoted Underwood as saying. "My family especially knows how long I've wanted to be a dad, and they just know my journey of coming out."

The former pro footballer and onetime star of "The Bachelor" added that his wish to be a father "kept me in the closet for a long time."

Added the "Coming Out Colton" star: "So for me to be able to say we're pregnant is really big and really emotional."

In an earlier interview with People Mag, Underwood had spoken about the unexpected discovery he made while on the journey toward building their family has taken.

Underwood said in February that he had "had some fertility issues and struggles, and I don't think a lot of men openly talk about that."

Explained the reality TV star, "I mean right away, my husband gets his results back for his sperm count and he had incredible, great numbers, and I got mine back and all my sperm was dead. And I think immediately I was just like, 'Oh, what does this mean? It means I'm sterile and can't have kids now.' And it was not a great feeling."

But with IVF - in vitro fertilization, a medical technique that unites a sperm cell with an egg, after which an embryo can be transferred to a gestational carrier - and a surrogate, the couple's dreams of parenthood are on their way to coming true.

Underwood posted the big news to Instagram with a gallery of photos that included an ultrasound of the developing fetus and joyous shots of himself and Brown.

"our little boy is coming this fall 💙," Underwood captioned the post.

"Our doctor actually let our surrogate tell us, which I thought was so special," Underwood said of the procedure's success. "She got to text us and share the exciting news, and it was such a moment of, I think, relief for us," the former NFL player said. "We're so fortunate and lucky to have her, but her to make us feel a part of it too, it was really special."

Also special is the relationship Underwood and Brown have forged with their surrogate and her family.

"We're very protective over her," Underwood said of the surrogate, whose identity he and Brown guard. "We've been to every single doctor's appointment. Her family's come over to the house for dinner. She's an incredible human being."

Acknowledging the potential for setbacks and heartbreak that come with any pregnancy, Underwood added: "Family building isn't always black and white, so knowing that there's a percentage of loss and knowing that there's a percentage of complications that can happen is scary."

Added the celebrity: "And it's scary for two men who don't even have to go through it so that just proves how incredible these women are, not only our surrogate but all the surrogates out there, all the moms out there. It just puts a lot of things in perspective for us."

The former NFL player revealed another intimate family secret: He's held on to his own baby blanket all these years, in anticipation of using it to bundle up a child of his own.

"Wrapping him in that and just loving on him and showing him the world," Underwood raved, "and being able to watch Jordan hold and feed him and having late nights and early mornings and all of the things that come with being a dad is what I'm looking forward to."

Congratulations to the happy parents to be!

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