On The EDGE: Leopold Nunan


Leopold Nunan, or as the glitterati know him, Leo from Rio, is not just a pop artist; he's a carnival in human form, a true rainbow riot. With every performance, Leo unleashes the spirit of Rio's Carnaval, turning stages and screens into a flamboyant fiesta of queer expression.

Holding an extraordinary ability visa like a fabulous scepter, Leo has sashayed through the music scene with hit after hit, making dance floors the world over his personal playground. Now, he's about to drop an album that's a glitter bomb of his career–a spectacular mixtape of all the beats and characters that have made him the icon he is.

Leo from Rio is more than a musician; he's a one-man parade of joy, an explosion of colors, beats, and unabashed queerness. As he gears up to unleash his latest masterpiece, get ready to dance to the rhythm of a heart that beats in technicolor. Leo's not just bringing the party; he is the party, honey, and everyone's invited to this rainbow extravaganza.

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