The inflatable George Santos balloon on the Mall in Washington DC

Watch: A Giant George Santos Balloon Flies in Anticipation of Him Floating Away from Relevancy

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 2 MIN.

The resemblance is uncanny! Protestors were spotted outside the U.S. Capitol flying a giant George Santos balloon in anticipation for the embattled Republican Rep. to be voted out of Congress.

In a scorched earth rant, Santos has come out and admitted that things don't look good for his future in politics. And despite all the things he has done wrong, the latest being using campaign funds to pay for Botox and porn, he thinks his colleagues are a bunch "hypocrites."

Be that as it may, the progressive advocacy group MoveOn just wants Santos to move on out of politics with a simple message: "Expel Santos."

The 15-foot inflatable Santos donned a tie that read "Full of Lies" as it tumbled around in the wind, People reported. Protestors complemented the message with signs that read, "George Santos: Blowing Off His Constituents."

A recently released damning report from the House Ethics Committee declared that "Representative George Santos cannot be trusted." Yes, it took a whole House Ethics Committee investigation to say that out loud on top of Santos' 23 federal charges, including money laundering, identity theft, theft of public funds, falsifying records, and making false statements to the House of Representatives.

Although a resolution to expel Santos failed earlier this month, the House is now expected to have the votes it needs to rid themselves of Santos once and for all.

"I can't believe we have to say this, but a member of Congress has no business using campaign funds to pay for Botox treatments and lavish Atlantic City trips," said MoveOn executive director Rahna Epting in a statement following the report from the House Ethics Committee. "What more do we need to know? Expel George Santos. New York 3rd District residents deserve real representation–not a lying lawmaker cheating the system at every opportunity for his own gain."

by Emell Adolphus

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