Dr. Bill Kapfer at the Chicago Board of Trade

Out With Dr. Bill – Zooming Teeth for the 'New Normal' & Ringing the Board of Trade Bell in Chicago


Teeth Whitening: Taking Zoom Meetings to the Next Level!

Let's face it. With the world adjusting to the new normal, Zoom meetings have become the crème de la crème of our everyday work life. While you might've been used to sharing insights with coworkers, now the most illuminating part of your meetings is when you flash those pearly–or not-so-pearly–whites. For those of you who can relate to the latter, there's a Zoom that's meant for more than just virtual meetings: it's the Zoom teeth whitening treatment!

The Sparkling Basics:

Zoom teeth whitening, which has no ties to the video conferencing software (unless you're using it to show off your brilliant smile), is a state-of-the-art in-office teeth bleaching procedure. And when I say 'bleaching', I don't mean the bleach you use to remove that spaghetti sauce or carbonara stains on your white tee. (Seriously, who even eats spaghetti or drinks red wine while wearing white?)

Dental Diva: Only the Best for My Best Smile!

When it comes to my teeth, I'm a bit of a diva. I wouldn't trust just anyone with my hair, and the same goes for my teeth. The thought of getting my teeth whitened at a random storefront location feels akin to letting my neighbor's five-year-old daughter cut my hair. It might be cheaper, and the pictures would certainly be memorable, but some things are better left to the pros. So, I'll take my chances with a real, certified dentist, thank you very much. At least if I leave crying, it'll be from a cleaned and polished smile!

Dr. George Psaltis

From Beige to Brilliance: My Central Park Dental Glow-Up with Dr. P

When I embarked on my 'Zoom teeth glam-up' journey, who else could I turn to but the legendary Dr. George Psaltis DMD, or as I affectionately dub him, 'Dr. P'? Nestled on the ground floor of the Majestic Building on Central Park West, his office has been my dental haven for over a decade.

Funny story: our dermatologist tipped us off about him (talk about skin-deep trust!) Thankfully, my chompers haven't made me dive deep into Dr. P's treasure trove of dental wonders, from crowns to braces. Instead, I've been that breezy patient, strolling in for a cleaning, much like a casual saunter in Central Park (quite literally, as his office is a stone's throw from the iconic park at 72nd and Central Park West.) I just pop in and out for the occasional sparkle or filling redo!

Dr P. is the epitome of handsomeness, with a poised demeanor that radiates confidence. However, beyond his striking appearance, he is a true maestro in his field. His expertise and skills are unparalleled, and I trust him completely to ensure that my dental health is in the best of hands. Having a gay dentist adds a touch of flair and charm to every dental visit. Entrusting my teeth to him not only ensures top-notch dental care but also makes for a brighter conversation and experience in the chair!

Dr. George Psaltis and Bill Kapfer

The Power Behind the Shine:

During my research, I discovered that Zoom relies on a potent 40% hydrogen peroxide gel. If 40% sounds like a lot, that's because it is! Imagine this: most over-the-counter teeth whitening strips have around 3% hydrogen peroxide. So, when you opt for Zoom, you're effectively turning the brightness dial up from a romantic dinner-candle level to a full-blown Beyoncé-concert-stage-lighting level!

My Zoom whitening journey was a raving success, turning my once beige grin into a movie star's radiant beam, or at the very least, worthy of a walk-on extra with a spotlight smile.

After the Zoom glow-up, maintain the show-up!

For me, I approached my whitening treatment as getting fit. The Zoom treatment was my intense boot camp, giving me quick and dramatic results. But just like you can't hit the gym once and expect lifelong results, your teeth whitening needs some upkeep. I consider Opalescence TO GO my gentle yoga session or evening stroll. It ensures me that I will maintain that initial wow-factor and tackle any new stains that think they can dim your sparkle.

Don't be fooled by hydrogen peroxide's power post-Zoom glow; it's like a superhero with a cape! While diving into the Opalescence TO GO world, remember to pace yourself. If your teeth start humming 'Winter Wonderland' post-session, they're asking for a breather. Lucky me, after one whirl, my teeth took it like champs with zero sensitivity!

In the end, I chose to keep my teeth whitening experience on the down-low from my family. After all, half of them are still on a quest to find their missing teeth, never mind trying to make them sparkle!

The ringing of the bell at the Chjcago Board of Trade
Source: Shellee Fisher

Chiming in History: My Moment at the Chicago Board of Trade's Bell!

The day after brightening my smile, I found myself en route to Chicago, prepped and primed for the honor of ringing the opening bell at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). I wasn't alone; my fellow board members from the Billion Dollar Roundtable (BDR) were by my side, and together, we reveled in the moment.

Where Billions Meet Brilliance

For the uninitiated, the BDR isn't just a fancy acronym. It represents the crème de la crème of corporate advocacy, driving excellence in supply chain diversity. Membership isn't just handed out; companies have to truly shine, achieving a spend of over $1 billion with minority and women-owned suppliers to earn their place.

Now, Back to that Bell Ringing!

Tucked in the vibrant pulse of Chicago, the CBOT stands tall, a beacon of the Windy City's rich financial tapestry and its global clout in commodities trading. As my hand wrapped around the bell's rope, I felt the weight of history and the expectant gazes of the floor traders, each one an embodiment of anticipation.

That Bell's Chime?

Oh, it's not just the start to a trading day. It echoes the power and legacy of one of the globe's oldest futures and options exchanges. That moment, as electrifying as a bolt of lightning, might have been brief, but its resonance, much like my smile, is something I'll cherish indefinitely.

The Devereaux Rooftop Bar in Chicago

Dining sky-high, reminiscing with an old friend

The night following the bell ringing, I had dinner with my beloved friend Donna Bridgeforth at the Devereaux Rooftop Bar in Chicago, where the views are almost as impressive as the city's legendary deep-dish pizzas.

Perched just a stone's throw above the curiously-named Viagra Triangle, one might say the Devereaux stands elevated in more ways than one! The Viagra Triangle refers to the swanky area where Devereaux is located: in the city's Rush Street district, known for its upscale restaurants, lively bars, and well-to-do older men often in the company of younger women.

The nickname playfully alludes to this demographic, drawing a humorous connection between the district's nightlife and the well-known blue pill for erectile dysfunction.

I will leave it at that.

As Donna and I sip our cocktails and bask in the panoramic skyline, we couldn't help but chuckle at the juxtaposition below. We wondered if it is a nod to Chicago's cheeky sense of humor or just a quirky geographical coincidence? Either way, one thing's for sure: between the spirited ambiance and the ever-so-slight innuendo, a night at Devereaux is never a flat experience.

That evening at Devereaux, I reconnected with a cherished friend who never fails to sprinkle sunshine on my days. Our seats? Practically on the window ledge! I was cheek-to-glass with that massive clear barrier, teetering between cozy indoor vibes and a gravity-defying drop. It took me straight back to the feels of the Grand Canyon's Skywalk, that awe-inducing glass bridge that juts out over the canyon, making your heart skip with every look down. It was like sitting on the edge of the world, with the best company.

From my gleaming smile to ringing in new beginnings–and toasting memories atop Chicago–it's clear that life's adventures are best met with a sparkle, a clang and a clink.

My gratitude abounds!

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