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Watch: NSFW Video of Fidget Spinner on Erect Penis Goes Viral

Friday Jun 16, 2017

If the internet has taught us anything it's that all virtual roads eventually will lead to porn. So it should come a little surprise to anyone that a fidget spinner, the most ubiquitous gadget of 2017, would end up filmed on the end of someone's dick.

A Florida man may end up adding another definition to the sexual term "helicoptering" on Urban Dictionary. It all started when he got turned on while naked scrolling Tumblr with his fidget spinner in his other hand. The rest is now history. Now he's hoping that his new trick may lead to a career in porn.

That's right, the fidget spinner: That five dollar handheld gadget that's been everywhere from boardrooms to classrooms (and even reportedly up a few hoo hoos), is making the rounds on the internet as a sex bauble. All thanks to an uninhibited Florida man with a Tumblr account.

According to an article published by Gizmodo, a 34-year-old Tumblr user who goes by the handle "BearKat", may be the first reported person to film himself with a balanced and spinning fidget spinner on the end of his erect penis. The extremely NSFW file (below), which has garnered close to 6,000 notes on the social media site, prompted Gizmodo writer Bryan Menegus to reach out to the man to get the scoop on the background behind the viral video.

"The fidget spinning on my cock was just a random moment. I was naked scrolling Tumblr and spinning my fidget in my hand. I came across a video that got me hard and then it just happened," he told Gizmodo over email. "It took me three tries and then I said I need to record this for my Tumblr followers. After that I read about people searching for fidgets on Pornhub and shared it there as well."

BearKat wasn't kidding. A quick trip to Pornhub using the search term "fidget spinner" will pull up an entire page of amateur videos with titles that run the gamut from "Hot Slut with ADHD Gets Off To Fidget Spinner For America" to "Playing With a Fidget Spinner on My Ass."

As for BearKat, who describes himself as an "exhibitionist," he loves that his little video on his big thing is putting smiles on people's faces. He even told Gizmodo that he's open to working in porn.



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