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Perfect 365 Launches Survey Platform

Wednesday May 2, 2018

Perfect365, the Webby Award Winning, free makeup and beauty app used by more than 100 million users, announced today a new Survey Platform for beauty brand marketing. Now millions of users that use Perfect365 worldwide will be able to contribute their opinions and chime in on personal beauty preferences via survey in the apps.

The results of these surveys will ultimately assist beauty brands, and the industry as a whole, as they seek to make informed decisions based on consumer feedback.

"Our user base is mostly made up of millennials and Generation Z women, which is the exact demographic most beauty brands are interested in hearing from. We use the results of these surveys as insights to the beauty industry as a whole, as well as our partners," said Cara Harbor, director of marketing for Perfect365.

"The Perfect365 Survey platform provided us with great insights on our target market that has led to more informed decision making. We were able to customize the questions and get results within a few days. We'd definitely recommend it to any brand looking to get stats for marketing or greater insight for product development," said Lori Machiorlette, President, BlendSmart.

The survey function will be used mostly in two capacities:

1. Perfect365 will be hosting their own surveys that will result in industry reports that will be available free of charge to publications, beauty brands and industry professionals. Perfect365 has already been releasing industry surveys, but will now have the capacity to do so on a bigger level, sourcing more consumers than previous surveys.

2. Beauty brands can run their own sponsored surveys on the platform, customizing their questions and targeting the demographics of the consumer, ultimately providing them with greater insights on products, as well as marketing campaigns.

"This is a big opportunity for our current and future brand partners," commented Harbor. "This will open the doors to get direct, targeted feedback straight from the consumer, which can be huge for various brand decisions, and even product development."

For brand partners of Perfect365, the survey function comes in addition to the opportunity to tap into the influencer network that Perfect365 has established. This means that brands can connect directly with social influencers via the app, both to get feedback, and to amplify their brand on social outlets, like Instagram and YouTube. These two functions set Perfect365 apart from other apps on the market, as they strive to be a fully functional tool that gives access to consumers, as well as provide industry and brands with valuable insights.

The Perfect365 user base is made up primarily of Millennials and GenZers, ranging from 17-34 in age. The survey capabilities will allow for reach of sample sizes ranging from the hundreds or tens of thousands. And the results are typically available within three to four days.

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