Instant Karma? Woman Harasses Boaters Flying LGBTQ Flags; Then Her Boat Blows Up

Sunday June 6, 2021
Originally published on June 2, 2021

The boat that exploded after its passengers harassed another boat that was flying LGBTQ flags
The boat that exploded after its passengers harassed another boat that was flying LGBTQ flags  (Source:TikTok)

A TikTok video went viral on the first day of Pride month that some are calling "instant karma." It happened when a woman harassed boaters flying the LGBTQ flags only to have her boat blow up moments later.


We safely got them out of the water immediately. We were nicer than they were. ##pride ##lgbtq ##boat ##Fail ##Karma ##Gay ##hate ##sorrynotsorry ? Oh No - Kreepa

"A viral TikTok video has garnered more than 2 million likes after a user posted the incident, in which a woman can be seen flipping off a boat with pride flags. The woman's boat then burst into flames," reported USA Today.

The same video and pictures of the incident were posted to Twitter by user @retro_ushi_ and said: "These people harassed my family because we were flying gay pride flags in Moses Lake Washington, by racing around us and shouting gay slurs. Then, their boat literally blew up! #KarmaIsReal."

The incident happened on Moses Lake in Washington state. "According to video of the incident, which has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, the boaters "harassed and spun circles" around the family's boat "after they saw [their] pride flags]," wrote BuzzFeed News.

In the video, the woman can be seen giving the passengers on the boat with the Pride flags the finger as it circles.

A passenger on the Pride flag boat told BuzzFeed News via Twitter that he was on the boat with his girlfriend, brother, and brother's partner. The man, called Robbie for privacy concerns, said, "the boat quickly made a sharp turn back towards us and went around us. I then again personally heard someone shout what I thought to be the word 'gays' so I asked my brother to pull out his phone and blatantly start recording in hopes that it would avoid conflict if they noticed."

The other boat drove around them six or seven times, causing extensive waves, according to Robbie." They then attempted to speed away as they left a large cloud of smoke surrounding the area we occupied," said Robbie. "After a moment, we heard a loud backfire and a sputter come from the boat. Though I could not see the boat, in the direction, I could see a cloud of black smoke rising quickly."

"The driver, possibly embarrassed, then rushed to start the vehicle again... Another few moments pass and we hear an incredibly loud explosion come from the direction they were headed," said Robbie. "Our driver shouted, 'Holy crap! They blew up!'"

"Just moments later, the offending boat caught fire, and the pride flag boat came to their rescue, picking them up, as seen in the TikTok video," wrote the Spokane newspaper the Spokesman-Review.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to the boat fire on Memorial Day. "It's unclear why the boat caught on fire," said Deputy Kyle Foreman to the Spokesman-Review. "But the occupants, two men and one woman, were able to escape. 'They bailed off the boat,' Foreman said. 'One of our patrol boats came out and used its propeller on its motor to fling water onto the burning boat.'"