Barcelona Reeling After Spate of Homophobic Attacks Over the Weekend

Monday May 31, 2021

The LGBTQ community in Barcelona, considered one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in Europe, is reeling after a series of homophobic attacks over the weekend, Pink News reports.

The LGBTQ political action group Observatory Against Homophobia (OAH) posted a tweet on Monday that read (translated by Google): "The OCH condemns the homophobic spiral suffered by five gay men in Barcelona this Saturday, a first assault in Gràcia and a multiple on Somorrostro beach. All aggressors have acted with absolute impunity. We demand maximum force in the face of violence against LGTBI people."

"In the most serious of the string of violence, a man required facial surgery after he and his friends were attacked on Somorrostro Beach," writes Pink News

The attack, the Spanish language website TOT Barcelona writes, "the attack on four gay men took place on Saturday night around 10 pm. M, one of the victims, explained to TOT Barcelona that he and his friends were chatting quietly "until three boys burst in who, with 'a lot of aggression', started insulting the cry of 'fucking fagots' (sic) and also uttering threats' If you raise my eyebrow, I'll cut your neck,' says the victim who said one of the attackers. 'They all started spitting at us and throwing sand at us,' says M., 'one of them came up to us and kicked one of us and that's when we got up and they started the blows: it was horrible.'"

He added that no one came to their aid.

"They tore our clothes, threw us to the ground; my boyfriend has been left injured in the mouth and we have been told in the Emergency Department, where we have spent the whole night, that he will need maxillofacial surgery."

M added that his boyfriend experienced "the most serious injuries."

"According to the emergency discharge report at the Hospital del Mar that this newspaper has been able to consult, as a result of the beating, the 34-year-old boy has a jaw fracture and several bruises. After being examined in the Vall d'Hebron, the young man has been admitted and will undergo surgery, his partner has confirmed," writes TOT Barcelona.

In another incident, a man reported how he was attacked in the Gràcia neighborhood. "On Twitter, the victim, Marc Sagt, said that at around 9 am, a group of men started to cruelly mock him before abruptly kicking him in the end," reports Pink News.

"I just suffered an assault," he tweeted (translated by Google). "At 9 am I came across a group of men on the street who laugh (clearly at me), one of them comes up, says something I don't hear (headphones) and kicks my hand and they leave. Luckily it was nothing. Did they hit me for a fagot? (sic) Most likely."

"The third attack that capped off a weekend of fear and vigilance for the community came at 9 pm on Sunday. A gay man was strolling through the Barcelona Auditorium when a bystander began to heckle him, calling him a 'f***ing fag', and then swung at him," Pink News adds.

The president of the Observatory against Homophobia, Eugeni Rodríguez , lamented the "It is a spiral that we are not used to, It is of extreme violence, to which we are getting used to. It is terrible that, after the pandemic, we are in this situation," reports the website The News 24.

He added that "the impunity of the aggressors" who have not been able to be arrested, and the "growing fear" felt by the group. Rodríguez added that he has spoken with Barcelona councilor Marc Serra to implement a protocol and that he hopes to do so in the next few hours with the Catalan Government to articulate measures that "stop this spiral."