Lesbians Who Tech Host 2nd Annual Summit in New York


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Wednesday September 30, 2015

Lesbians Who Tech is hosting our second annual Summit in New York from October 1-4 in New York. Our Summit is an effort to bring together more than 1,000 queer women in tech (and allies), a group that is rarely represented in either of the communities of which they are a part -- the tech community or the LGBT community -- for the most unique technology conference ever.

The Summit stretches over four days featuring a diverse number of activities and experience. During the conference they will be hosting a variety of weekend events including their second annual hackathon, a new leadership development workshop for executive level attendees and fun gatherings such as Lesbians Who Golf & Bike.

They will highlight incredible queer women who have paved the way for a more equal workplace and society, as well as the next generation of technical leaders. This year in New York there will be a special focus on the intersection of technology and digital in both media and finance.

The Summit will be hosted at NYU Law School in Washington Square Park along with satellite events at various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Thursday, Tech Crawl, October 1

6:30 p.m. // Opening Happy Hour Hosted by Bloomberg & Meetup
You will get a chance to see two New York tech spaces: Meetup HQ & Civic Tech Hall

Friday, October 2 // The Main Event // NYU Law School
9 a.m. // Doors Open
Coffee & Light Breakfast

9:45-11a.m. // Glorious Morning Sessions
NYU Law School // Tishman Theatre // Mainstage
• Welcome
// Leanne Pittsford @lepitts, Founder, Lesbians Who Tech  

• Let's Get This Summit Started
// Your Emcees // Andrea Minkow @AndreaMinkow & Danielle Moodie Mills @DeeTwoCents

• The Pillars of Innovation // Mia Mora, Global Lead, Sales Strategy, Google  

• Technology of the Future // More Creative, More Connected & More Intelligent  // Pamela Rice @pamela7rice , Senior Vice President of Technology, OnDeck

• The Science of Creativity: What Happens When You Add Art to Code // Danielle Feinberg @dafeinberg, Director of Photography, Pixar Animations  

Morning Keynote Fireside Chat//How to Step Into Your Power
Moderated by Monique Dorsainvil, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of Public Engagement, White House. With Lisa Sherman, CEO Ad Council and Lydia Polgreen, Deputy International Editor, NYTimes.
11:15 a.m. // Take A Break & Hang Out With Our Connection Zone Sponsors: Bank of America, Bloomberg, Moody's, Amazon Web Services, GitHub, OnDeck, Etsy, Comcast

11:15 a.m. // Bootcamp 101 // So You Want to Learn How to Code // Breakout Session

• Laura Montemayor, Software Engineer, Metis
• Jeanie Chung @jeanieshark, Software Engineer, Dropbox
• Keaty Gross @keatycodes, Software Engineer, Pivotal Software
• Loraine Kanervisto @lorainekv, Software Engineer Student, Ada Developers Academy
• Jeff Casimir @j3, ED Turing School of Software & Design
• Jennifer Macchiarelli, App Release Manager, Etsy

11:45 a.m. // Late Morning Talks // Main Stage

• Connected Health: Impact of Digital, Data and Devices? // Meg Columbia-Walsh @mcolumbiawalsh, Partner, Global Lead, Digital Transformation and Marketing Excellence, Life Sciences, EY

• Desegregation in the Age of "Innovation" // Getting Past New Ideas in Social Justice Tech
// Aliya Rahman @AliyaRahman

• How to Build Things Fast // Stephenie Landry, General Manager, Amazon Prime Now, Amazon

• Data Visualization - How Big Data and Data Analytics Can Help Us Make Big Decisions // Ilana Dietrich-Preston @Ilana_Preston, Information Security Operations, Castlight Health

• From Entry Level to Tech Guru // LaShana Lewis @lmlewis517, Associate Systems Engineer, MasterCard

11:45 a.m. // Finance Technology Sessions  // Breakout Session
Smart Classroom // Moderated by Tanara Golston, Financial Enterprise Account Executive, LinkedIn

How Technology & Data are Being Leveraged to Increase Your Privacy Hosted by Bank of America
Andrea Wright, Information Security Engineer, Network & Application Security, Bank of America
LaShana Lewis @lmlewis517, Associate System Engineer, MasterCard
Celie Niehaus, Capital One, Managing VP, Retail & Direct Bank Chief Compliance Officer

Hand Signals to 100,000 Orders Per Second // Chris Mills, Software Engineer, BlackRock

How Innovation is Changing the Future of Banking & Finance Hosted by Goldman Sachs
Moderated by Mary Byron, Managing Director, Information Technology & Services, Goldman Sachs
Hilary Packer, Managing Director, Information Technology and Services, Goldman Sachs
Pamela Rice @pamela7rice , OnDeck, Senior Vice President of Technology at On Deck

The Future of Personal Finance:  Using Technology to Make Managing Money Simple and Relevant to Latinos and Millennials // Ramona Ortega, Mi Dinero Mi Futuro

Creating Confidently // How to Use Fear and Feedback to Make Better Products
// Beth Andres-Beck @bethcodes, Software Engineer, Twitter

1 p.m. // Get Your Grub On // Check Out Washington Square Park Hosted by eBay & Akamai Technologies

1:30 p.m. // Lunch Ignites // Mainstage
Emcee // Maureen Erokwu, MapMersion, CEO

• Intrapreneurs and Why Your Company Needs Them // Becky Krill @RabeckaKrill, School Keep, Instructional Marketing Manager
• Project Management Growing Pains // Kathryn Baxter , Technical Project Manager, MediaMath
• Navigating Impostor Syndrome // Taylor Lentz , Sift Science, Software Engineer
• What I've Learned As a One-Man-Band Reporter  // Femi Redwood, Fios1 News, Multimedia Journalist
• How to Hack Bureaucracy and Make a Real Difference, Faster // Rhys Fureigh, Code for America Fellow
• Chronicles of a Colored Queer SuperSHEro: How Intersectionality, Media and Technology Makes Me Powerful // Terésa Dowell-Vest, Professor and Filmmaker
• How Maven is Helping Queer Youth Become Techies // Humaira Syed, Youth Leader

1:45 p.m. // Queer Women of Color Meetup // Greenberg Lounge

2:15 p.m. // Afternoon Sessions // Mainstage

• Breaking Down Music DNA at Pandora // Caitlin Oliver-Gans, Pandora Music Analyst

• Future of Work // Leanne Waldal @lwaldal, Head of Research, Dropbox

Lesbians Who Tech Entrepreneur Pitch Session
Seven amazing queer women entrepreneurs will pitch the companies and applications they're building, in front of a panel of judges including investors and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs: B. Cole, Brioxy @BespokeButch; Suma Reddy, Waddle; Laura Bilazarian, Teamable; Dicky Lou, Markable @troubleDicky; Moira Hardek, Taken Charge @mohardek; and Jessica McGlory Forecastr, @emceeglory

Judges: Lauren Flanagan, BELLE Capital USA, Managing Partner @LFlanagan; Gil Haus, Capital One; Panteha Healy, Amazon @pantehahealy; and Christina Wallace, Founder, BridgeUp: STEM, New York

• Artificial Intelligence Then and Now, Minerva Tantoco @NYC_CTO, CTO, New York City
Minerva will lean on her experience creating intelligent workflow A.I. three decades ago, as contributor to the "Intelligent Wireless Web" in 2001 (well before the age of smartphones) and her take on present-day A.I. capabilities for the public sector.

2:15 p.m. // Afternoon Media, Data & Entrepreneurship Sessions
Second Stage // Emcee // Maureen Erokwu @ChineloME, MapMersion, CEO

The Tao of Influence: Making Others the Hero and Win Customers at the Same Time // Allyson Casey @AllysonComms Senior Leader, Intuit

How to Enjoy Working with Your IP Attorney // Counsel, West Hill Technology Counsel, Anne Marie Dinius

Panel // How Companies Are Using Data to Reach You
Nicole Scalamandre, Moderator
• Victoria Martins, Al Jazeera Media Network Data Analyst
• Melissa Esmundo, ZocDoc, VP Acquisition & CRM
• Salina Brown, VP Product Design & User Experience at Weft.io

How to Use Your Data to Drive Decisions // Bauer (Caroline) McClave , Twelvefold Media, Director of Business Analytics

Growing Your Digital Audience // Ari Isaacman Astles @Ari_NYT , The New York Times, Growth Strategy Editor

How You Can Use Technology to Create a Super Collaborative Work Environment // Alex Leo @AlexMLeo, Technologist & Writer

The Next Multi-Billion Opp Marketing and Messaging // Vivian Rosenthal @vivianrosenthal, Snaps, Founder

3:45 p.m. // IdeaHack //
Make a Game Plan to Increase Diversity at Your Company // Breakout Session
Discussion Leaders:
• Mary Scotton @rockchick322004, Salesforce Principal Developer Evangelist
• Stephanie Lampkin @stephaneurial, Blendoor Founder & CEO
• Dom DeGuzman @Itshella_dom, Twilio, Software Engineer
• Kate Jefferson @barbbellajs, Software Engineer, SolarCity
• Yanyi Luo, AppNexus,  Software Engineer

3:45 p.m. // Take A Break + Have A Drink // Really, You Deserve It

4:15 p.m. // Keynotes & Afternoon Sessions

The Future of Lesbians Who Tech
// Leanne Pittsford @lepitts, Founder, Lesbians Who Tech  

Technology, Robots & Love // Martine Rothblatt, CEO, United Therapeutics
The founder of Sirius XM satellite radio, Martine Rothblatt now heads up a drug company that makes life-saving medicines for rare diseases. Meanwhile she is building a companion robot based on her the digital file of her wife. Listen to her discuss how technology is impacting our quest for immortality and love.

Interview // Amazon & The Controversial NYTimes Article // Jessi Hempel, Wired.com & Stephenie Landry, General Manager Amazon Prime and most senior Amazon employee quoted This is the first interview with a current employee since the NY Times published, "Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace."

Keynote Ignite Session //
• Hacking to Fix 216: Disrupting the Narrative of Disengagement in Cleveland
// Nicole Thomas @brwndot, Hack Cleveland
• How to be an Inclusive Trans Tech Ally // Brook Shelley @brookshelley, Digital Ocean
• Transforming Narratives Through Storytelling and Disruptive Media
// Suhad Babaa, Just Vision
• Ladies Against Humanity // Kate Stayman-London, Lead Email Writer, Hillary for America

Closing Keynote Interview //
Megan Smith @USCTO, Chief Technology Officer, United States
Edie Windsor, Plaintiff, DOMA & Former Engineer, IBM
Roberta Kaplan @kaplanrobbie, Litigator, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison

Megan Smith, CTO, of the United States will be interviewing Robbie Kaplan, the historic DOMA litigator and Edie Windsor, the incredible hero behind the DOMA case who helped LGBTQ Americans win the freedom to marry and who was also one of the first female programmers at IBM. Megan Smith will interview Edie and Robbie about how together as a team they achieved the historic victory in the DOMA case as well as Windsor's early years with her spouse, Thea Spyer at IBM.  They will also discuss Robbie's new book "Then Comes Marriage: United States V. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA" [W. W. Norton & Company] with the foreword written by Windsor. It may be easy to forget today that the world was very different for LGBT Americans not so long ago. In their vibrant, distinctive voices, Robbie and Edie will explain how they helped to bring about such astounding change in equality for all Americans and will share the highs, lows, worries, and laughter along the way on their journey to the ultimate victory at the Supreme Court.

5:45 p.m. // That's A Wrap // High Fives

After Party: Cocktails + Conversation // Hell Yeah
// Hosted by Dropbox, BlackRock & MailChimp

Data for Good Hackathon in partnership with Bloomberg & UNICEF // Saturday, October 3rd // Bloomberg
Join the staff of Bloomberg and UNICEF to build tools that benefit UNICEF's work on behalf of children around the world, or just drop in for an introductory tech lesson. We need all skillsets - designers, coders, researchers, writers, project managers, data nerds, social media pros, or just folks willing to learn and work.

Fashion Tech Designathon // Saturday, October 3rd // ButchBaby & Co.
Think Hackathon meets Project Runway meets Shark Tank. For the first year, Lesbians Who Tech will be hosting a Design-a-thon, to explore the intersections between technology, entrepreneurship and fashion. There will be a design portion followed by a pitch session to an awesome panel, all offering exciting prizes -- it will be a LWT first that you do not want to miss.

Panel Session // How the Androgynous Fashion Boom Can Be Revolutionized Through Tech
Androgynous and queer fashion has been recently described on a number of outlets as a "game changer," "social movement" and even "revolution." With the rise in fashion tech, an industry with a growth trajectory that many haven't even begun to grasp, how can androgynous fashion and tech come together to further revolutionize one another? And how can more queer women become game-changers in both industries?

Sunday // Create Your Own Meetup
Be on the Lookout for more info on Friday.

And That's a Wrap // Save the date for San Francisco, Feb 25-28, 2016

For tickets and information, visit lesbianswhotech.org/newyorksummit/ or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lesbians-who-tech-and-allies-new-york-summit-tickets-16923662129