8 Queer Celebs We Look to For Style Inspiration

by Andrea Marks Joseph

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday November 27, 2022

The magic of being queer, and living joyously outside the bounds of a gender construct, is that we can have so much more fun exploring and experimenting with fashion! The queer celebrities featured here show us what's possible when you embrace fashion as a creative outlet —and when you take pleasure in dressing up! We were thrilled that so many of you enjoyed our previous list celebrating the queer celeb style that inspires us. Here are some more of our favorites.

Lili Reinhart


It's a triumph of Lili Reinhart's personal style that she manages to effortlessly convey her youthfulness even when wearing timeless pieces. While the "Riverdale" actor's outfits and fresh-faced make-up feels inspired in part by Old Hollywood bombshells, she often rocks modern combos with striking blazers, and wears beautiful, easy dresses on daytrips. She looks equally incredible in a navy-blue velvet three-piece suit for Armani Beauty as she does pairing a taupe cropped tee with a full-length tailored skirt on the red carpet, and just as remarkable wearing a backless linen dress while traveling.

Indya Moore


Indya Moore routinely goes from carefree beach babe on vacation to extraordinary elegance on the red carpet. Whether you're lounging at home, meeting up with friends, or running errands, let the textures, silhouettes, and patterned fabrics the "Pose" star wears inspire you to experiment even when you're choosing comfort. But she's not all casual vibes! Indya exudes Hollywood glamour in a magnificent Swarovski crystal bib, and she's a glittering goddess in sheer silver Missoni dress with a waist-high slit at an award show in Milan.

Tomás Matos


This "Fire Island" star slayyys in everything from tiny bejeweled briefs to full skirts, and we love that they drop their outfits on IG by showing us show to strut out on the streetsk. They look equally fantastic in ruffles, crop tops that show off their abs, leather jackets, satin mini dresses, and stylish durags; and they've always got some jewelry on. Tomás is having fun with fashion! Every day is a new adventure in dressing up for whatever mood they feel, and we simply love to see it all.

Kai-Isaiah Jamal


Kai-Isaiah Jamal nails their nods to casually cool fashion brands, rocking everything from sportswear to tailored items with an effortless, endlessly chic energy. Kai-Isaiah loves signature prints from iconic houses like Gucci; their outfits always make a bold statement by placing color, pattern, and comfort on equal levels. We can't mention their fits without celebrating the way they rock sleek long hair with a corset, and the time they dripped out in full Versace silver sparkles to visit the Eiffel tower... Sublime.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez


"Loot" star Michaela Jaé Rodriguez looks equally stunning with a shaved head as she does with long, loose curls. The unique, flirty dresses she wears convey her warm, bubbly personality. When she's in luxe sportswear or casual denim and a white tank top, she exudes the calm, elegant vibes you'd expect of someone who excels in every outfit, role, and song she puts out. But Michaela Jaé knows exactly when to step out in sparkles, and she stuns every time! Her sartorial journey has been one of the most enjoyable, filed with one-of-a-kind, unforgettable outfits, and we can't wait to see what comes next!

Tan France


This "Queer Eye" star's outfits are practical with personality. His style shows us that looking good can be simple and accessible when you know which wardrobe choices to make. His personal style teaches us the strengths of having a select few statement pieces (a gorgeous coat, a daring pantsuit, well-made leather boots, a bright-colored jacket that made you smile when you saw it in the store) and combining them with your staple collection of neutral-toned clothing. Tan reminds us that fashion can be playful even when you're buying well-made items that are built to last.

Laverne Cox


Laverne Cox embodies glamour and goddess energy, radiating the most empowering, badass kind of confidence. Her sensational looks inspire us to see outfits as a work of art, our bodies as worthy of flaunting, and the times when we feel good as something to celebrate. Every one of Laverne's looks asks us to consider: Why not live your one precious life in clothing that announces you've arrived, and tailoring that creates drama when you're out and about. She's got glittering cut-outs, sheer inserts, capes, and catsuits galore. And damn does she look good in all of it!

Shea Couleé


One thing about Shea Couleé: She is gonna wear colors that pop against their radiant skin! No matter what she's wearing, you'll notice that she is glowing. Every dazzling detail —dramatic hair, eyes, nails, jewelry, fit— is flawlessly coordinated to make the maximum impact. Shea's a reminder to accessorize, to use your creativity to convey the story you want to tell, and to show the world all your fabulousness. The gold chest plate of abs? Majestic. The fluffy purple Valentino look? Monumental. When she fully embodied the concept of "dripping in diamonds"? Breathtaking. And the way they rock a colorful eye look is something the world needs more of!