Brad Pitt Breaks the Internet With a Skirt

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday July 24, 2022
Originally published on July 21, 2022

Brad Pitt Breaks the Internet With a Skirt

At nearly 60 years old, Brad Pitt is still breaking hearts and shaking up his wardrobe. On Tuesday, the actor was in Germany to promote his new film, "Bullet Train," but people just couldn't stop talking about his skirt.

As reported by TODAY, and reacted on social media, Pitt put on a chic display in a linen, raw-edge, asymmetrical skirt with brown boots and a blush button-up.

With temperatures hitting record highs in Europe, you could hardly blame Pitt for lifting his wardrobe, and hemline, to new heights.

Designer Haans Nicholas Mott, who created Pitt's fit, told GQ that he loves "working with mr pitt because he has a clear sense of how he wants to be in the world and we make work in that space, i.e. mr pitt proposing an espresso linen skirt to go with the linen jacket." It definitely shows!

"'No eff's givin' is my favorite Brad Pitt aesthetic ???? you know there were stylists all around him wanting to iron that damn shirt and he's just like 'Nah, it's fine,'" wrote one social media user.

In "Bullet Train," Pitt plays an assassin down on his luck, stuck on a train, with multiple teams of deadly goons trying to kill him.

The film seems to combine action and comedy to make one killer of a fun summer film. And from the looks of the trailer, Pitt kills it on screen and on the red carpet.

"Bullet Train" hits theaters nationwide Aug. 5, 2022. Watch the trailer below.