Adult Studio Seeks Participants for Group Film, But are They Pushing NYC's COVID Guidelines?

Thursday August 6, 2020

Casting call: A company called Charged Up Media (or CUM) is seeking participants in a "no load refused gang bang" to be filmed next month in New York City. The film, called "The Life and Times of Pandemic Man-Pussy," hopes to incorporate issues related to the pandemic into a narrative that explores one man's randy urges in navigating the health crisis.

The posting is indicative of issues that adult entertainment companies face as they attempt to reopen amidst the ongoing pandemic, balancing safety and what can be seen as risky behavior.

In the casting call, CUM describes the film's premise this way: "Dolf Dietrich plays the lead character demonstrating one man's struggle after realizing the health pandemic has closed his favorite bath house. Being a responsible man living in a sexually monogomous (sic) relationship (played by porn veteran Brian Bonds), he must now find alternative ways of satisfying his raw urges while retaining anonymity."

In arranging the shoot (no pun intended) with "unlimited number of men," CUM appears to be skirting regulations pertaining to gatherings in New York City. Towards that end, CUM has written a list of guidelines regarding the shoot that acknowledges those posted by the state in Phase IV of its reopening.

CUM posted that no one who fits their criteria will be turned away. "Currently seeking an unlimited number of men of no specific body type to be included in the no-load refused gang bang that will conclude the film. Please no strict bottoms. Due to the volume of participants, CUM will not be able to provide financial compensation, however (immediately following the shoot) there will be an after party to which everyone is invited. If interested, please click this link and add your name to the list of participants. You will then be provided with details of the shoot."

While appearing to be compliant, the company doesn't address issues raised in the intimacy between the participants.

Masks are to be worn in shooting the film - not out of concerns of COVID-19 transmission, but as part of the film's theme of sexual anonymity. CUM has posted a page on their site explaining their guidelines. The bulleted list tells wannabe CUMmers that if they are having any symptoms prior to the shoot, they need to stay home.

Once on set, temperatures will be checked. If someone has a fever of 100 degrees, they will be sent home. They must also sign a COVID-19 Liability Release Agreement. The "gang bang" will be restricted to no more than five participants at a time. "When executed properly, a gang bang can be a very controlled environment and does not entail the entire group to be present the entire time." Proper cleaning of the hotel suite where the shoot will take place is also explained.

And the producers leave them selves an escape clause. "Yes, Charged Up Media is extremely eager to move forward, but only if proper masures (sic) are in place for everyone involved. In fact, Charged Up Media has made past decisions to cancel shoots for pevious (sic) productions and we have zero problem canceling future shoots if the needs of models are not met with regard to their health and personal safety. That includes the shoot currently scheduled for this September."

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