13 Instagram Posts That Show Why We Love Out Olympian Adam Rippon

by Shawn Laib

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday March 13, 2023

Adam Rippon
Adam Rippon  (Source:Instagram / adaripp)

The Olympics have been a fertile ground for the LGBTQ+ community to show the world the vast talents of queer athletes in the United States and around the world. Adam Rippon is yet another one of these sportsmen we'd like to give some credit to. Winning a bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in figure skating, Rippon was an inspiring sight to behold on the ice. Even though he's now retired and living his best life as a figure skating icon, Rippon still shares a large portion of his daily adventures online for his fans to enjoy with him.

We've compiled a list of Rippon's Instagram posts from across the last several years, which wasn't easy to do considering he's such a prolific poster. From thirsty photos to family time and friends, let's get to know this athletic legend a little bit better!

Here Adam Rippin enjoys a night out at a Los Angeles Lakers game at the Crypto.com Arena. From the looks of the jumbotron, it would appear this game in October of 2022 was on Pride Night. Hopefully, more NBA teams will continue to celebrate the diversity of their fans.

Rippon shares this photo of himself from 2012 on his 33rd birthday, celebrating all of the progress he's made in his life in the decade since he moved to Los Angeles. He talks about finding new friends and family to lean on when he doesn't have anybody else to turn to, something that many queer people also hope to do when they are finding themselves in early adulthood. It's good for gay celebrities to show and inspire others in this manner.

In this picture, we get to see Rippon and his now-husband, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, celebrate the anniversary of when they first met. The couple are enjoying their time together in the sun, and we enjoy seeing gay couples thrive in the spotlight. The two got married in 2021, and they are still together today!

Dogs are a gay man's best friend. They don't judge or abandon you in your darkest moments, and they're always ready to show love. This adorable video of Rippon with his pupper is a perfect, adorable moment that encapsulates these unique friendships between humans and their pups.

This great picture of Adam Rippon on his 31st birthday shows his comfortability in aging, along with some humor about trying to stay young by sun tanning. The post is a great way for the skater to relate to his fans, who may also be trying out different methods to improve their looks as they phase out of their 20s.

Celebrities all over the world have made it be known they have opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine and its effects on the people who take it. Nicki Minaj claimed her cousin's friend suffered from swollen testicles in the aftermath of the vaccine. Adam Rippon decided to get in on the fun of critiquing Minaj's wacky conspiracies by dressing up as the singer's giant-balled acquaintance on Halloween. A great thirsty view of Rippon's thighs are also available in the picture, and we won't complain about that!

Adam Rippon reminds us all that grandmothers are the best in this post dedicated to his own grandma after her death. He tells a cute story about how she used to dress up at family dinners, and encourages fans to call their own grandmothers and let them know how much we care.

This fun post of Rippon trying on some different hats and wigs lets us know that the athlete has a fun personality, and he's always ready to experiment with fashion. Some fans thought Rippon resembled Willy Wonka in the second picture!

Adam Rippon is a celebrity who really enjoys getting involved with world issues. Here he encourages his fans to vote during the 2020 elections, talking about how he cast his for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Sometimes people really do take celebrity political opinions into consideration when it's time to cast their own ballots.

This steamy thirst trap shows Rippon working out on his Bowflex in his living room. Shirtless and sweating after exercising, the Olympian impressed fans with his in-shape physique.

It's always a good time to remember when you won a Bronze medal at the Olympics. Rippon makes fun of himself for crying on television, something we would all want to avoid doing if we were to ever be so lucky to catch some of the spotlight!

This cute photo of Rippon shows off his facial hair and peace sign as he gets acclimated to his new home, according to the caption.

A rose-filled suit and shorts is a decadent and fashionable combo on Adam Rippon in this stylish set of photos from April of 2019.