Next Victim of Culture War: the LGBTQ+ Flag

Monday March 13, 2023
Originally published on March 12, 2023

Next Victim of Culture War: the LGBTQ+ Flag
  (Source:AP/Edge composite)

A Republican state senator from Tampa, FL proposes to limit to four the number of flags that can be flown at government facilities.

"It just clearly lines up what flags can be flown over government facilities, like the state flag, the American flag, the POW flag and our firefighter's flag," said Republican State Senator Jay Collins from the Tampa Bay Area reported CBS Miami.

His bill was seconded in the House by Sweetwater Republican David Borrero in the House, who sponsored of the bill. The measure stipulates that "No other flag may be exposed to public view... by a governmental agency, local government, or unit of local government."

If passed, the bill would ban LGBTQ+ flags being flown at government facilities, including city halls in such LGBTQ+ communities such as Wilton Manors.

"This is truly a direct attack on our city where we proudly wave the pride flag and the trans flag which represents our community and the values we stand for," Chris Caputo, a Wilton Manors City Commissioner, told CBS Miami.

He also wonders why this is even an issue. "We have so many other issues that are real problems. We have kids that go without food, mental health needs more funding. We are in the epicenter of an affordable housing crisis right here in South Florida," Caputo said.

CBS Miami asked Sen Collins why the bill was even necessary. "I believe we are a nation in a state of standards and laws and I think that sometimes people get caught up in a lot of different things. This just clearly delineates and solves this problem at the government level," he explained.

"The bill would still have to make its way through committees before eventually making its way to the floor if it passes out of those committees. The legislature is set to meet beginning next Tuesday. CBS Miami reached out to State Representative Borrero several times on Friday but did not hear back," the report added.