Alaska Republican Senate Candidate Supported Gay Conversion Therapy Organization

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday April 27, 2021

Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka once wrote that gay people can "work through the process of coming out of homosexuality," in an article recently unearthed by CNN. Tshibaka is expected to be the main challenger against Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkoski, also a Republican, for her Senate seat in 2022.

"Though much of Tshibaka's social media profiles were scrubbed before she announced her candidacy, screenshots and posts found by CNN's KFile reveal that she spread baseless conspiracies about the 2020 election, alleging widespread voter fraud in key states, which has been disproven," CNN reports.

As a Harvard Law School student in 2001,Tshibaka wrote that she believes "there is no wall of separation between church and state" and also argued for "retribution" following 9/11 in another article.

Moreover, Tshibaka also reportedly blogged about how the "Twilight" young adult novel series was "evil" and leaves readers "spiritually vulnerable."

"But her most controversial story that sparked backlash on campus came from an October 11, 2001, article entitled 'The Right Side: Coming out of Homosexuality' under her maiden name, Kelly Hartline," writes CNN.

Tshibaka wrote: "Today is National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day, a day dedicated to helping homosexuals overcome their sexual tendencies and move towards a healthy lifestyle. Compassionate people nationwide recognize this day, rather than the more publicized 'National Coming Out Day,' because they want people to live and enjoy their lives to the fullest."

Tshibaka was born and raised in Alaska. Under Alaska's new election system, all candidates who qualify run together in a nonpartisan primary and the top four finishers advance in the general election.

As of now, Tshibaka has not released a comment about the unearthed articles.