Watch: Mama Ru Dishes Advice for Anti-Maskers Disrupting Flights

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday August 26, 2021

RuPaul had some advice for how to handle unruly airline passengers
RuPaul had some advice for how to handle unruly airline passengers  (Source:Screencap/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

RuPaul had a few words of advice on how to handle disruptive airline passengers who refuse to follow carriers' rules about wearing masks to contain the spread of COVID: "Be cool or we will kick you in your cockpit."

That jocular warning, offered as an alternative to the FAA's more staid slogan "Unruly Behavior Doesn't Fly," was part of RuPaul's Aug. 25 guest host opening monologue on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," The Wrap reported.

But RuPaul's (literal) punchline was followed by observations in a more serious vein, as the drag diva went on to add: "It's getting serious out there, so Mama Ru has some rules for the unruly."

The common-sense tips included some sober advice about limiting one's alcohol consumption during airline travel — "You should never have more drinks than there are flight attendants on the plane" — along with a well-worded self-help packing tip: "Keep your carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment, and keep your emotional baggage to your damn self!"

But it all boiled down to "Rule #3," which RuPaul stated with matter-of-fact directness: "If you don't own the plane, you don't make the rules.

"That's right," RuPaul went on to say. "So put your mask on, watch the 'Boss Baby,' and shut the fuck up, bitch!"

The comedy addressed a not-so-laughing matter: As the Chicago Sun-Times reported, there have been "over 3,600 cases of unruly passengers this year, most often over face masks, which are required on planes until mid-September." In response, the flight attendants' union "is calling for criminal prosecution of people who act up on planes."

RuPaul followed up his "Rules for the Unruly" with a playful update segment called "Gayer News" that concluded with a report on "Jeopardy!" still needing a host in the wake of the show's executive producer, Mike Richards, stepping down as newly-named permanent host following "inappropriate comments" he had made on a podcast coming to light.

"Sources say the show is now looking for someone with poise, authority, and natural intelligence," RuPaul noted, before delivering the payoff: "I'm right here, bitch!"

Entertainment Weekly sensed a glimmer of possibility among the guffaws, writing: "The move wouldn't be entirely unprecedented. RuPaul had a friendly history with late 'Jeopardy' icon Alex Trebek, who appeared on a season 10 episode of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' back in 2018.

"In addition to his duties at the head of multiple iterations of 'Drag Race''s fan-favorite Snatch Game celebrity impersonation game show challenge, RuPaul also hosted the 'Gay for Play' game show for two seasons on Logo," EW went on to recall.

Watch RuPaul's monologue below.

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