Trans Man Discusses Single Parenthood and Coming Out

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday August 6, 2020

Trans Man Discusses Single Parenthood and Coming Out
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Adam Walker, a transgender man from Tennessee, discusses life since coming out and being a single father to two boys — James, age 10, and Lincoln, age 5 — in a feature story in The Daily Mail.

Walker, 32, explains that "after splitting with my ex-husband, who is James' father, and having a one night stand which led to a pregnancy. I came out as a lesbian even thought I had never been with a woman before." This confirmed Walker's attraction to women, but something still didn't feel complete:

"I had a whirlwind relationship with a woman for three months and it felt right. She brought up the idea of me being a male and I didn't immediately dismiss it, but I said that I would never transition because of the boys. She asked what my name would be and I just blurted out Adam."

Walker came out in July 2017, and explains that it took a couple to get James and Lincoln to call him "daddy":

"I think me deciding to transition put a strain on my relationship with James, but I think he'd agree that he'd rather have a happy dad than a dead mom. Living a lie is not worth living and I hope this teaches my boys that. I also reinforce that I will love them and be here for them no matter what they tell me. I encourage both boys to be whoever they want to be."

Fostering a good relationship with his sons is important to Walker, who has been disowned by family and friend since coming out. Despite that, "I have embraced it and come to the conclusion that God made me this way for a reason... I am a better role model to my children now that I am finally me."

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