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Kentucky Principal Who Banned LGBTQ Books Indicted for Child Pornography

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday November 14, 2019

Former Kentucky school principal Phillip Todd Wilson was indicted Wednesday for 17 child pornography possession and distribution charges filed in August of this year. He has since been removed from his position, according to NBC News.

Wilson previously made headlines a decade ago for spearheading an effort to ban books from his school which contained LGBTQ-related content.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky Department of Education told NBC that Wilson is no longer employed at the Clark County Area Technology Center.

Wilson fought in 2009 to ban books from Montgomery County High School, where he was principle, that mentioned "drugs, sex, child abuse and suicide," that were deemed "unsuited for discussion in coed high school classes," according to a 2009 blog post from Kentucky School News and Commentary.

The books which were banned included "Twisted" by Laurie Halse Anderson, "Deadline" by Chris Crutcher, "Lessons from a Dead Girl" by Jo Knowles and "Unwind" by Neal Shusterman. Both "Lessons from a Dead Girl" and "Twisted" dealt with homosexuality in their plots.

The American Library Association reported, according to NBC, that "more than half of the top 11 most frequently challenged and banned books of 2018 include LGBTQ content."

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