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Gay Porn Star Found Guilty of Extorting Conservative Millionaire


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday July 10, 2015

Gay porn star and escort Jarec Wentworth was found guilty Thursday of extorting a rich conservative telecom executive out of $500,000 and a luxury car by threatening to expose details of their paid sexual relationship online, the Smoking Gun reports.

After two hours of deliberation a Los Angeles federal jury found Wentworth, whose real name is Teofil Brank, guilty of six felony counts.

Wentworth, a 25-year-old Sean Cody model, blackmailed Donald Burns, 51, a businessman who co-founded the telecommunications MagicJack firm and has donated to the Republican party, out of $500,000 and an Audi R8 worth $180,000 in February. If Burns didn't pay, Wentworth said he would post incriminating photos of the business man to Twitter and "embarrassing information" about his sexual past.

After the porn star demanded another $1 million and a condo in Los Angeles, Burns turned to the authorities, leading the F.B.I. to set up a sting operation to bring Wentworth down.

During the trial, the businessman admitted to paying Wentworth and other porn stars for sex. He said he even paid some of the men $2,000 referral fees for introducing him to other men who would sleep with him. He told the jury he paid for the men because it was "a way to have sexual contact without commitment and I had the resources to do it." He added that his sexual habits were a way to deal with the end of a longterm relationship.

Justin Griggs, one of the men Burns paid, testified and said Burns flew him and other men to his homes in Palm Beach and Nantucket.

"It was really just hanging out, surfing, grilling out, going to dinner, and then we would have sex, group sex," he told the court.

Wentworth, who has been in custody since the F.B.I. sting in March, faces up to 53 years in prison when he is sentenced in September.

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