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How CBD Can Ease the Shift from Summer Fundays to Fall Realness

by Kelsy Chauvin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday August 30, 2021
Originally published on August 18, 2021

How CBD Can Ease the Shift from Summer Fundays to Fall Realness
  (Source:Sunday Scaries)

It doesn't have to be Sunday to have a case of the "Sunday scaries." That feeling of stress and worry can hit any day of the week — or at certain times of the year, like at the end of summer.

You know what it's like. The August heat waves start to break and the beach gear goes back into the closet. We start thinking about school and work and real-life responsibilities that seem destined to crush our freewheeling fun with the first blast of the post—Labor Day alarm clock.

Even if you adore your job and love studying, turning the page from summer to fall can be deflating. But there are ways to shift the end-of-summer scaries and kickstart your optimism thanks to CBD.

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CBD (cannabidiol) is blowing up as an all-natural supplement for stress and anxiety relief, pain management, sleep and overall wellness. One 2021 medical study even concluded: "Given its safety profile, CBD is considered a promising new agent in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders."

There is one wrinkle, though. In the past few years, the surge of CBD brands on the market makes it hard to discern the right one for you. But one company is devoted to sharing reliable, all-natural, hemp-derived CBD gummies and oils formulated expressly to support mental health. And it's easy to remember because its name owns the problem it's aiming to fix: Sunday Scaries.

Co-founders Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt launched Sunday Scaries in 2017 when they found themselves totally stressed out on the regular, and especially at the pinch point when the weekend became the workweek — almost like seasonal affective disorder every week.

"We both realized we just couldn't relax," says Sill. "We constantly had all the stuff going on in our heads about who we should be as people and how we should do better. Basically, we were our own worst critics."

Once they discovered CBD, their moody blues lightened up, and they decided to invest in making a new line of THC-free products that could help consumers live a "scare-free life."

Treat Yourself to Less Stress

Treat Yourself to Less Stress
CBD Gummies  (Source: Sunday Scaries)

No doubt, gummies are the go-to form of CBD for most consumers. That's why Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are best-sellers, plus they're tasty and travel well. Even better, each gummy has 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD (so there's zero THC) and the added ingredients of vitamins B12 and D3.

"Vitamin D is sometimes called the 'sunshine vitamin' and can help with energy and focus," says Sill. "And B12 has also been known to help destress."

Or might you prefer an immune boost? Sunday Scaries Strawberry CBD Gummies also pack 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per tiny pink bear, with the bonus of vitamin C for a little immunity lift. Bonus!: Sunday Scaries donates $2 of every Bra Bearies purchase to The Pink Agenda to support breast cancer research.

Dream On with CBD + CBN

Dream On with CBD + CBN
Big Spoon Vanilla Cream CBD + CBN Oil For Sleep  (Source: Sunday Scaries)

That tossy-turny sleep isn't doing you any favors as we segue through seasonal changes. But research shows that along with helping alleviate anxiety, CBD promotes more restful sleep. So does CBN (cannabinol), another naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp.

To help you catch all the best ZZZs, Sunday Scaries created Big Spoon Vanilla Cream CBD + CBN Oil For Sleep. The THC-free tincture with soothing CBD and CBN along with chamomile, GABA, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, lemon balm and valerian root — supplements that complement the cannabinoids — collectively help serves as a natural sleep aid. A few drops under the tongue before bedtime may help you fall asleep easier, wake up less, and stay a bit longer in dreamland, whether you're the big or little spoon!

All of the Above, Please

All of the Above, Please
(Source: Sunday Scaries)

We've all stood in a store baffled by too many choices. Sunday Scaries has remedied that problem with CBD Bundles. Whether you're seasoned and know what you want — and you want it all — or whether you're not sure which CBD gummies or oil to give a try, a CBD bundle is a terrific way to integrate CBD into your daily wellness routine.

The Sidepiece Bundleand Rando Bundle deliver the brand's top sellers at cost-savings package prices. Plus, with busy fall workweeks, deadlines and stacked inboxes lurking ahead, now is the perfect time to start stocking up on CBD. It'll be one less worry once you see Christmas merch already being sold in October.

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