Watch: How Do You Make a Production Number While Social Distancing?

Tuesday March 24, 2020

Watch: How Do You Make a Production Number During Social Distancing?

Looking for a smile during these grim times?

Check out this video, posted on the #BroadwayLipSynch YouTube channel that shows how you can produce a production number in the times of social distancing.

"Led by Broadway performer Jordan Grubb, a handful of musical theater actors banded together (virtually) to film themselves singing along to the epic, 'One Day More' from 'Les Misérables,'" reports CNN.

"The video features all of the performers going about their days in self-isolation. The activities they do may look familiar to those practicing social distancing — one performer lip syncs while washing his hands; one clutches a handle of alcohol; another holds (and essentially serenades) his dog," reports CNN.

"Like the rest of the theater community, (I) have been trying to do social distancing as best I can while having an artistic outlet," Grubb, who is also a videographer, told CNN.

Grubb asked his friends on social media last week if they were interested in participating in the video. "From there, I sent them a time stamp of the song, asked them to get creative, film a sequence, and send it to me from their phones," he said. "Everyone's footage you see in the video is filmed from themselves. It was kind of this artistic community labor of love for what we do."

He took two days to edit the clips into the final product, which he uploaded on Facebook on Sunday.

Likely all the actors in the video (listed below) are unemployed at the moment since the Broadway League announced all Broadway shows will be suspended through April 12 due to the coronavirus.

In addition to Grubb, the video features Josh Lamon, Ben Fankhauser, Alex Wyse, Eric Johnson, Carlos Lopez, Alexa Green, Tyler Jones, Heather McGuigan, Zach Cicciarelli, Adam Lendermon, Neville Braithwaite, Rich Binning, Will Porter, Eddie Donlevie, Rachel Pfenningwerth, Jared Johnston, Maggie Rhodes, Mike Kirsch, Caskey Hunsader, Brett-Marco Glauser, and Ryan Cavanaugh.

"I'm absolutely floored by the response to all of this," Grubb writes on Facebook. "Thanks again to everyone who's contributed to and supported this project. If we unite and continue to create, share, & support the art we so desperately need right now, I have no doubt we will conquer any challenge that's thrown our way.

Watch the video below:

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