Watch: Talking 'Uncoupled' with Creators Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman

by Steve Duffy

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday August 4, 2022
Originally published on August 1, 2022

Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman
Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman  

Darren Star's busy year continues with his latest series, "Uncoupled," on Netflix. It follows his latest HBO hit, "And Just Like That," which brought his seminal hit "Sex and the City" up to date, though minus Samantha Jones.

Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Star collaborated with Jeffrey Richman, who developed "Frazier," on the eight-part series that follows what happens when a middle-aged gay man, played by Harris, is dumped after a 17-year relationship and is uncomfortably thrust into the world of hook-up apps, PrEP, and botoxed buttholes.

Steve Duffy from EDGE spoke with Star and Richman about how they developed the series.

(Note: interview edited for clarity.)

EDGE: Oh, absolutely love the show. I also feel like it is the gay version of "Sex and the City" that I never knew that I needed. So, why was it important for you guys to tell this story?

Darren Star: I think we both wanted to tell a romantic comedy from a gay male perspective. For me, I felt like I had been doing so many female lead shows in my life, I wanted to do a show with a gay male lead. I was talking to Jeffrey about it. It's something that he was excited about as well. And, it is specifically centered around this idea of someone who had to start over in middle age and around this theme of heartbreak and something that's such a universal experience. That's something that we both were really always leaning into from the beginning: How do we tell a story about a good character that's going to feel very universal to everyone?

Jeffrey Richman: We also were very drawn to the specificity of this breakup. It's not a regular breakup that happens over time, where you can sort of get used to the idea that someone's unhappy. It's just falling off a cliff, and it's like a death. And that seemed like a great way to launch a story.

EDGE: Yeah, it was shocking. In the first 10 minutes, you're like, "Whoa!" When writing for these characters, did you write with certain actors in mind? Or did that come along after?

Darren Star: That came along after. We really wrote the characters without anybody specifically in mind. And we got very, very lucky and fortunate with our casting.

EDGE: Yes, it is a great cast. What is it like working with a cast that is mostly queer?

Jeffrey Richman: Well, I think certainly Neil, as the leader, his authenticity in that part created an atmosphere on the set of truthfulness. And we knew we wanted an out gay actor; Neil is the number one choice for that. We auditioned straight and gay actors, and the best actors got the part. That's the truth. And that many of them were out gay actors was a total benefit to us, because there was a certain authenticity in that; but not all of them are. So, I think it's pretty representative of talent. But Neil is the sort of beacon of that.

Darren Star: And it was important for us to cast out gay actor in the lead, for sure.

EDGE: Are you guys already working on season two?

Darren Star: Well, they haven't told us anything about season two, but yeah.

"Uncoupled" is streaming on Netflix.