Watch: Laura Ingraham Impersonates Kate McKinnon (Seriously) and Promises Her Take on Nancy Pelosi if 'SNL' Will Have Her

Wednesday January 26, 2022

On her Fox Show Monday night, commentator Laura Ingraham began her show with her impersonation of out "Saturday Night Live" regular Kate McKinnon impersonating her, Deadline reported.

Speaking in a lazy drawl meant to sound like the multi-Emmy award winning performer, Ingraham said: "Now there is a reason I like Kate McKinnon. I have so much respect for her as a talent. She is so even-handed in her political commentary, but seriously, think of all the low-hanging fruit provided by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, Little Petey B and the squad on a near daily basis. I think this is kind of comedy gold, don't you?"

But impersonations — even of herself — appear to be out of Ingraham's reach.

On Saturday, McKinnon said in her impersonation: "We're finally done with year one of Biden's presidency, and can we all admit it's a disaster. Inflation's out of control. Gas is at $19 a gallon, and the green M&M has been canceled just for being a whore."

Ingraham continued in her comments on McKinnon, along with challenging Lorne Michaels to have her on the show. "I like doing Kate McKinnon doing me, cause she's kind of fun. She is very even-handed in her political humor. People say she doesn't make fun of the other side. I'm sure she does...," she said.

She then made her offer: "Here's my deal. I will come in to SNL — I have actually hung backstage a few times. You didn't know I was there. I'll do Nancy Pelosi, the impression of Pelosi for free. I'm a member of SAG but I will do it for free."

"It certainly would not be out of the question. The show is famous for bringing in real-life figures to acknowledge the humor at their expense, starting in 1976, when President Gerald Ford appeared in a two second pre-recorded clip saying, 'I'm Gerald Ford, and you're not.' That was a nod to Chevy Chase's impersonation of him," Deadline added.

Watch Kate McKinnon impersonate Laura Ingraham on "Saturday Night Live."

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