The Pines Re-Opens to Full Capacity this Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday May 27, 2021

The Pines Re-Opens to Full Capacity this Memorial Day Weekend
  (Source:Fire Island Pines)

What a difference a year makes.   

"It's a whole new Pines," confirms Pines owner, PJ McAteer, who has been on the island for several weeks now, preparing for the summer season. "It's been so wonderful to hear all the happy songs that we heard last summer that we can now dance to! Being able to go to Low Tea and mingle with other houses, meet new friends, and dance until 4 am has been magic!"

It's a complete 180 from last year around this time, when there was tremendous fear and confusion on the island.  "People were canceling their shares," McAteer remembers. "The brave that came out sheltered in place and kept as far a distance as they possibly could from one another." 

Luckily, the tides have turned for summer 2021. The Governor's adoption of CDC guidelines that call for guests to show proof of vaccination or a COVID19 negative test has allowed the island's restaurants, bars, clubs, and gym to open to full capacity, without masks. Even the Pavilion will open this weekend! Their "Occupy the Disco" re-opening party takes place on Saturday.

The Pines will host an assortment of DJs and talent over Memorial Day weekend, including staples like Showtune Sundays, The Pixie Aventura Show, Low Tea, and Twirl Tea. They will also launch new weekly shows featuring Bootsie Lefaris (Tuesday night), Jasmine Rice LaBeija and Pissi Myles (Thursdays) and Busted will premiere her own Thursday night show. 

Proof of vaccination or COVID negative test is required; the Pines has set up multiple vaccination/COVID negative checkpoints to make sure every single person walking-in to their establishments have been verified. "I don't ever want to exclude anyone, but in order to open up and resume a level of normalcy, while also ensuring staff and customers are safe, we must insist on proof," McAteer says.

He also recommends visitors keep a mask handy as some businesses are still requiring masks. "The Saville Ferry Service requires masks onboard the ferry," he points out. "Having one in your back pocket won't hurt."

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