A Meme Is Born: Woman in Hilarious Gay Pic Identifies Herself

Wednesday May 26, 2021
Originally published on May 24, 2021

Amruta Godbole at the 2017 Folsom Street Fair
Amruta Godbole at the 2017 Folsom Street Fair   (Source:Twitter)

When Amruta Godbole visited a San Francisco gay street fair a few years ago, a friend photographed her from above in a sea of shirtless men. The pic shows her biting her lip and looking a bit lost as she stands in a sea of shirtless men, some wearing harnesses.

"In that moment people were looking at the photo and saying, 'You're going to be famous,'" Godbole told BuzzFeed News about the picture, which was snapped in 2017 outside a bar at San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair, a BDSM and leather event.

"Though Godbole, 35, posted the picture to her own Instagram at the time, it didn't take off until a friend with a sizable following shared it on his own account as a throwback Thursday post the following year," Buzz Feed News wrote. She attended the event with close friends, several of whom are in the photo."

"One of my main groups of friends in San Francisco is a group of gay men, so I have often found myself in situations where I'm the one woman amid all of these gay men," Godbole said. "I'm also 5'1, and they're all very tall and muscular, so I was just so clearly standing out."

And while the pic has turned up frequently in the past few years, it was only recently that "Godbole identified herself as the lost-looking girl in the photo," added Buzz Feed News.

"Over the last few years, the photo has been used as a reaction shot for jokes about feeling out of place anywhere from a martial arts studio to a Pride event, or even within a fandom."