Not so 'Icky.' On Instagram, Men Celebrate Their Hairy Chests

Monday May 24, 2021
Originally published on May 20, 2021

Not so 'Icky.' On Instagram, Men Celebrate Their Hairy Chests
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You might think the world is divided between those who like men with hairy chests and those do not. This is the take-away from a social media storm that blew up earlier this week.

"The moment started when social media personality and HIV activist Jay Hawkridge posted a tweet on Monday, May 17, saying that, 'hairy chests are a massive ick,'" writes Instinct Magazine. "Ironically, Hawkridge's social media presence is based on his work to break the stigma around people living with HIV. Yet, his tweet about body hair pushed another unhealthy stigma. Thankfully, that tweet got some 'massive' criticism as a response."

The backlash to Hawkridge's tweet set in with many hirsute men proudly posting their pics on Twitter.

Over on Instagram, entire fan sites are devoted to men with hairy chests, compiling pics of handsome men and their hairy bods. What they show is how some men like to keep their look manscaped, while others just let the hair grow.

Here's a sample of them on IG: