Adult Stars Spat on Twitter with Bloody Pics, Racial Slurs and Diva Turns

Wednesday May 19, 2021

Eli Bennet and Levi Rhodes
Eli Bennet and Levi Rhodes  

Last week EDGE reported on the nasty break-up between HIV-activist Jack Mackenroth and adult star Dolf Dietrich that played out very publicly on Twitter. Now comes another very public rift between adult performers (who include former and current performers from Helix Studios) that includes bloody pics, racial slurs and some of the nastiest insults this side of a "Real Housewives" reunion.

Levi Rhodes and Eli Bennet "are hashing it out on Twitter today over "an alleged violent incident" that occurred earlier this year when Bennet claims that Rhodes bloodied him on a film set, . "Making matters worse, Rhodes' response to Bennet's injury included the use of the n-word—and it actually gets even worse from there."

A tweet from Levi Rhodes  

The social media drama didn't begin with Bennet's bloodied pic, but one of Rhodes, who posted a pic of himself with a bloodied eyebrow, claiming he received it when Jesse Bolton, another adult performer, assaulted him after a recent OnlyFans session. At the session, Rhodes filmed a scene with Bolton's boyfriend, adult performer Jax Thirio. The reason for the altercation is not immediately apparent, but it occurred when Rhodes returned to the shoot's location to retrieve his phone charger.

Bolton tweeted (the report continued) that "he 'fucked up' Rhodes as an 'act of self defense,' because 'that child is an absolute nut job and was begging for it.'"

Eli Bennet then reminded Rhodes of an earlier incident on the set of a Helix vid earlier this year that resulted in Bennet needing six stitches in another altercation. "Since @LeviRhodesREAL wants to post his eyebrow after @TheJesseBolton apparently fucked him up I thought I'd share when Levi decided to shove me face first into the concrete causing me to get 6 stitches right before quiet on set productions then continued to harass me." Rhodes claimed the injury occurred when he "accidentally" pushed Bennet.

Levi Rhodes in an image captured from a tweet  

Bennet also shared a pic from a video in which Rhodes called him the 'N-word" along with an insulting message about his injury. "... just wanted to make sure your head didn't split open even further. You're dumb enough as it is..."

When a fan called Rhodes out for his use of the hateful term, Levi Rhodes claimed it was appropriate because: "... the fact that I am blood related to african american families, and am Indian, meaning browner than most, Ill just say it, just not expressively and definitely not often."

The spat returned to Bolton (remember him — he started it all) when Rhodes threw shade at Bolton's relationship with his bf, adult performer Jax Thirio with a tweet of a pic of the couple and a third man. "This is why youre mad, the way he looks at other guys and not you sometimes. Its probsbly (sic) for the best".

To which Bolton replied: "Honey I didn't like that you overstepped your boundaries and were incredibly disrespectful. Everyone fucked my boyfriend for content. It's what we do".