Watch: Photographer Xavier Samré Snaps Brazilian Boys with his Polaroid

Sunday April 4, 2021
Originally published on March 28, 2021

One of Xavier Samré's pics of Brazilian men
One of Xavier Samré's pics of Brazilian men  (Source:Instagram)

Parisian photographer Xavier Samré has found a second home in Brazil, where he has lived for years and considers himself an adopted Brazilian. He has chronicled his travels around the country with a Polaroid camera, with which he took pics of men along the way.

His pics can be found as part of a digital exhibit on the Boys! Boys! Boys! website, where they are available for sale.

"All my Polaroid were made in Brazil, Rio or Salvador to be precise," he told the French queer pub TÊTU. "Some with friends or people crossed on the beach, others with professional models on the sidelines of a shoot. classic made on a digital camera."

He added how using the now-defunct, instant-photo format of the Polaroid was something that caught the eye of his subjects. "I also did a lot of Polaroid with strangers," he says. "Obviously, the vintage camera from the 70s, a Polaroid SX70 with its retro leather-wrapped look and the photo that comes out instantly, it amuses and fascinates people at the same time."

But he noted how working with the Polaroid had certain difficulties. "Nothing is predictable with the Polaroid, we are the opposite of digital where everything is controlled and controllable, he emphasizes. It needs a lot of direct light so the beaches in Brazil were perfectly suited. It's a long learning process, it takes time to understand what works and what doesn't. There is a handcrafted side that I really like about Polaroid. And above all, the object obtained is unique "

Check out Samré's pics in the exhibit:

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