The Warwick Rowers Make a 'Worldwide Roar' with 2021 Calendar

Thursday January 7, 2021

The Warwick Rowers Make a 'Worldwide Roar' with 2021 Calendar

In 2009 the Warwick Rowers — a British university rowing club — introduced a calendar of naked male rowers. It came because of "a chance encounter between a straight athlete and an LGBT photographer. The photographer spoke about how many men felt like him — excluded from sport on the grounds of their sexuality or because there seemed to be no place for them within sport's deeply masculine culture," reads the WR website.

"Following on from that conversation, a group of mainly straight athletes committed to getting naked for a calendar with a specific message for LGBT+ men: we want to celebrate your sexuality and prove that you are welcome on our team!"

Over the years, the calendar's success has been overwhelming, leading to films, digital downloads, art prints, clothing and luxurious coffee table books to the range of products available on the website.Celebrities such as Ian McKellan and Kylie Minogue have shown their support, and the calendar has been covered by major media outlets such as the New York Times, the Advocate, Gay Times, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post. In 2014 WR established a registered charity Sport Allies, which works to make sport a more inclusive environment for everyone.

Angus Malcolm, WR founder and creative director, explained how the focus of the organization has changed over the years, saying that Warwick Rowers was founded to challenge homophobia. "But research at Sport Allies (the registered charity that now receives all WR profits) shows that homophobia is part of a bigger problem: hegemonic, heteronormative masculinity. I know that's a bit of a mouthful, but what it boils down to is that economically-privileged straight white men still get a different deal to everybody else. That has got to change. Of course we need to keep challenging homophobia and promoting LGBT rights, but we also need to address gender inequality and structural racism."

He continued: "We started from an authentic desire as a very small group of men who wanted to tackle the homophobia in sporting culture, which by the way remains a problem. But we have been on a journey of our own, and we have come to see that truly healthy versions of masculinity MUST embrace a broader range of more diverse perspectives. In particular, we must hear the voices of BIPOC, queer and trans communities. We could only do that by becoming the Worldwide Roar, so that men from all lived experiences could come together and share new ways to experience life as men."

And now their 2021 Calendars are now available in three fantastic editions: Standard, Signed Limited Edition with Nude Art Print and Digital Download Bumper Pack — 17 High Res Calendar Image plus 20 Nude Bonus shots.

Check out these pics from the WR Instagram:

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