Warner Bros. Deciding Whether to Cancel 'The Flash' Starring Ezra Miller

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday August 11, 2022

Ezra Miller as The Flash
Ezra Miller as The Flash  (Source:WB)

There is a chance fans won't get to see the long-awaited "The Flash" film with reports that Warner Bros is weighing how to address star Ezra Miller's ongoing erratic behavior.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Warners is reportedly putting together a contingency plan for the film. The blockbuster isn't supposed to hit theaters until June 23, 2023, and the studio has until then to do damage control on Miller's deteriorating image.

It's been a busy summer for Miller. The actor was accused of assault, grooming underage fans, starting a cult, and charged with felony burglary on Monday for stealing alcohol in Vermont where they own a home.

Rolling Stone also reported that Vermont's child services department hoping to find a mother and three children who had been staying at the actor's residence.

Pressure has been mounting for Warner Bros. to take action on Miller's increasingly troubling behavior, and the studio is reportedly considering a limited press run for Miller to explain their behavior, releasing the film without their promotion, or canceling the film altogether.

Scrapping the flick entirely would mean a $200 million loss for the studio.

"The Flash" film is reportedly a crucial part of the DC universe expansion and a lot heavily hinges on the film's success.

Miller was cast as the Flash in 2014. The film also see Michael Keaton back as Batman and newly married Ben Affleck back as a different version of Batman.

What do you think? Should the film be canceled completely?