Asked About Ex-Anne Heche, Ellen DeGeneres Says, 'We Don't Talk Anymore'

Thursday August 11, 2022

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche in the 1990s
Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche in the 1990s  (Source:AP)

Former talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was asked about her ex Anne Heche after the fiery crash that has left her in a coma and clinging to life in a Los Angeles hospital. According to the Daily Mail, DeGeneres was spotted out with a friend in Santa Barbara on Monday.

"When asked about Heche, 53, who is currently hospitalized and suspected of being drunk when she drove her Mini Cooper into a woman's home last Friday, DeGeneres said she's unaware of her condition as the two no longer talk," the Daily Mail reports.

"We are not in touch with each other, so I would not know," she said, but still wished for her ex's speedy recovery. "I don't want anyone to be hurt."

The cameraman asked,†"It was quite a dangerous accident that happened, wasn't it?"

As she headed to her car, DeGeneres replied, "Sure was."

Hecht famously dated DeGeneres from 1997-2000. She brought the talk show host to the premiere of her movie "Volcano" in 1997 and claimed the act saw her being "blacklisted" from Hollywood.

"I didn't do a studio picture for 10 years," she told Page Six. "I was fired from a $10 million picture deal and did not see the light of day in a studio picture."

The Daily Mail recounts that following her and DeGeneres' breakup in 2000, Heche was found incoherent and babbling in the California desert. She stumbled into a stranger's home before being carted off to a hospital — hours after breaking up with the comedian.

"I was told to go to a place where I would meet a spaceship. I was told in order to get on the spaceship that I would have to take a hit of ecstasy," Heche explained at the time.

the New York Times reported on August 10 that the actress remained in a coma, in critical condition and on a ventilator on Wednesday, five days after a car she was in crashed into a home in Los Angeles, a representative for the actress said. There has been no change in her condition since Monday.

"Ms. Heche, 53, was critically injured on Friday when the Mini Cooper she was in crashed into a two-story home in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles, causing severe damage and a fire that took more than an hour to extinguish, the authorities said," according to the Times.

CNN reports that the crash is being investigated as a felony DUI. "The initial investigation was for misdemeanor DUI, but results from a blood draw from Heche and word of an injury to someone inside the home have elevated the matter to a felony, LAPD Officer Jeff Lee told CNN."

"Her blood showed signs of impairment and that is why it is now being investigated as a felony traffic collision," Lee said.

Also on Thursday, TMZ reports Los Angeles Police Department sources†say that Heche was allegedly under the influence of cocaine and possibly fentanyl at the time of her†horrific car crash†last Friday.

Los Angeles Police Department sources†told TMZ†Thursday that the actress' blood test results came up positive for both substances. However, she may have been administered fentanyl for pain upon admission.