Australian TikTok Sensation Peach PRC Comes Out as Lesbian

Sunday January 16, 2022

Australian social media starlet Peach PRC turned to social media this weekend to let the world know that she's a lesbian, posting the announcement on her TikTok account, which has more than 1.8 million followers, as well as Instagram.


the people on my private account already know this but pls be nice ???? any negative comments will be deleted ? original sound - Peach PRC

On Instagram, Peach PRC wrote, "came out as a lesbian today ???????????? (to be fair the closet was made of glass lol)."

In a statement shared with PEDESTRIAN.TV, the singer said: "The response has been really beautiful and supportive. I feel so welcomed by the lesbian community and finally at peace with something I've been shying away from for the longest time."

Peach PRC started posting TikTok videos in 2019, and has established a steady fan base for her digitalized pop vocals, colorful fashion style, and honesty when it comes to her mental health issues. Her viral hit, "Josh," secured her spot among Gen Z fans hungry for a hummable, auto-tuned confection.

When asked about being so vulnerable on social media platforms an interview with Centennial Beauty, she responded, ""I do get asked that a lot but I really don't find it scary. It does have its consequences," she explains, "you know, it's a lot to put out there but I don't ever regret it or feel like it's daunting because it's how I've always been. Whether there are five people listening or 500,000, I've always shared my life that way, so to me, it's normal."

"I think maybe because I talk a lot about mental health, not just in my TikTok [videos] but also in my music," she told Centennial Beauty of why she resonates so strongly with her young audience. "A lot of my music is about various mental illnesses that I deal with and I least, I haven't heard a lot of music that talks about it in such a way."