Watch: Before Heading Down Under, Caitlyn Jenner Paused to Endorse Donald Trump

Sunday July 18, 2021

Caitlyn Jenner on "Justice with Judge Jeanine," Saturday, July 17, 2021
Caitlyn Jenner on "Justice with Judge Jeanine," Saturday, July 17, 2021  (Source:YouTube)

Caitlyn Jenner threw her support behind Donald Trump, with a bit of reluctance. Asked on the Fox News Saturday night program "Justice with Judge Jeanine," the announced candidate for the gubernatorial recount of California governor Gavin Newsom was asked if Trump should run again. To which she answered, "That's his decision."

Pressed by Jeanine Pirro if she would support him, Jenner was more hesitant, reports Newsweek. Jenner said: "If I was Governor of the State of California... obviously I would support him."

Pirro pressed on, asking what if she was not Governor? "Yes, I still would support him," Jenner said, adding: "I do not like what's happening in this country right now."

She had previously supported Trump in 2016, but had revoked her support after clashing over transgender rights. Earlier this month Jenner said that she did not want Trump's endorsement in her current campaign, Newsweek added.

Jenner's appearance on "Justice with Judge Jeanine" marked her first public appearance since departing for Australia for three weeks as the recall election hooks up. Confident that her absence from the campaign trail will not impact her campaign, she headed down under to appear on "Celebrity Big Brother," for which she will be paid at least $500,000 ASD ($372,500 USD), as this was the fee offered to another high-profile American celebrity, EDGE reported.

She went on to explain her definition of being a Republican. "We always try to put everybody in a box like you're white, you're Black, you're a Republican, you're a Democrat: If you're a Republican you have to think this way, you must think this or that, you know, Republican ideas — and that's not me.

"I'm an inclusive Republican because I have conservative economic values."

Jenner went on to explain that while she agrees with Republican economic policies, she breaks with many in the party on social issues. "On the social side, I'm not like a lot of Republicans — I'm an inclusive Republican. I'm in it for the people, I'm inclusive to all.

"I think the number one thing the Republican Party needs to do, is change the image 'cause the Democrats have taken hostage this question for years and we need to change the image of what the Republican Party is. We're inclusive to all people."

Jenner is perhaps the most high-profile candidate among the 41 mostly Republican candidates hoping to replace California Governor Gavin Newsom following a recall election on September 14, reports Politico.

But her campaign has pretty much been in a holding pattern since she announced in April. When she gave her only news conference earlier this month, she insisted that she was "leading all contenders in the Gov. Gavin Newsom recall despite polling and fundraising totals that suggest otherwise, addressing California political reporters in her first campaign press conference," Politico said in an earlier report.

"Jenner said she plans a statewide bus tour in the month before the Sept. 14 recall and dismissed a major May poll showing that she was fourth among GOP hopefuls with only 6 percent support."

"Honestly, I'm not concerned about the polling," she said, dismissing the survey as outdated. "I guarantee you that I am in the lead."

Jenner's appears in the video at approximately 12 minutes in.