Blk. Beverage Company Proves Anti-Aging Claims

Monday September 19, 2022

You know that gimmicky black water that seems to show up in social media ads every waking moment? Well, it turns out that blk. water is more than just a baseless trend.

Better-for-you beverage company blk., the leading purveyor of natural functional water and other nutritional products made with Fulvic minerals, has received conclusive evidence that their main ingredient demonstrates anti-aging benefits at the cellular level. A recently sponsored cell study conducted at UCLA was initiated and designed by the brand's Medical Director, Dr. Melina Jampolis, using a new method of testing nutrition compounds.

The HUVEC cell model involves using human cells and stressing them with a large dose of sugar, which usually leads to cell aging. By looking at the degree to which cell aging is prevented, this study confirmed what ancient civilizations, traditional Chinese and Indian medicinal practices have touted for thousands of years — fulvic acid and minerals have a direct effect on anti-aging.

Although the cells used in this study were human (HUVEC stands for human vascular endothelial cells), this was not considered a human trial. Consumption of fulvic minerals through a beverage does not deliver them directly to the cellular level, as some is lost in the complex digestion, absorption, and metabolic processes. The findings are a breakthrough for a company that strives for accurate scientific claims and touts the authenticity of the health properties of their beverages.

Dr. Melina Jampolis shares, "This in vitro study shows incredible promise that the anti-aging benefits of fulvic minerals are clinically significant and confirms my belief about the incredible and numerous health benefits of this remarkable natural compound. It certainly commands further attention and study to further assess various doses of this incredible compound." While follow-up study is underway to figure out dosing and ultimately how to delivery maximum benefit to consumers, the company is excited and energized by the findings.

CEO of blk. Sara Bergstein adds, "You can't just go out and buy any Fulvic acid and minerals off the shelf or on Amazon, add it to water, and expect to get the benefits. The source of fulvic acid and the processing matter. That is why blk. has always been a company interested in contributing to the scientific study of the multiple benefits of high quality Fulvic acid, not just in selling 'black water.' This research is incredibly validating for us and compels us to endorse further exploration that will benefit our products and therefore our customers."