Antoni Porowski's Leather Jacket Lands Lego in Lawsuit

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday January 18, 2022

Antoni Porowski's fabulous leather jacket has landed Lego in a lawsuit, reported The Guardian.

Artist James Concannon, the maker of Porowski's leather jacket seen above, is accusing the toy maker of re-creating his work without his permission for the Leo-lized versions of "Queer Eye."

Concannon filed the lawsuit in a Connecticut district court last month, accusing the toy maker of creating a "blatant copy" of his design. He further cites "the unique placement, coordination, and arrangement of the individual artistic elements" on the Lego jacket that reflects his designs.

When Concannon's attorney contacted Lego, the company reportedly admitted that it had intentionally copied his design, "but rejected his attempt to send a cease-and-desist," The Guardian reports.

Lego argued that Concannon's decision to give the jacket to Porowski meant that Netflix had an "implied license" to do what it wanted with the design, including allowing Lego to recreate it.

Do you see the similarities?