Afraid of Being Caught Cheating, Brazilian Singer MC Kevin Dies in Accidental Fall

Wednesday May 26, 2021

Brazilian singer MC Kevin fell to his death Sunday, May 16 in Rio de Janeiro after panicking that his wife was about to catch him having a threesome with a model and friend, reports the Daily Mail. He was 23.

MC Kevin (a.k.a. Kevin Nascimento Bueno) married Deolane Bezerra on April 28 in Tulum, Mexico.

"Bianca Domingues, 26, said she met MC Kevin, 23, and his singer friend Victor Fontenelle outside the Brisa Barra Hotel in Rio De Janeiro. Domingues said she was then invited to the popular singer's suite Sunday evening," wrote the DM. The singer, though, feared his wife would catch him cheating. When someone (not his wife) came knocking on the door, MC Kevin "tried to jump to the balcony located in the room below, but lost his footing and plunged five floors, landing by the side of a swimming pool," added the DM.

"Domingues, who met with cops Monday, said MC Kevin 'believed that his wife was at the bedroom door, he was scared and tried to leave. Domingues and Bezerra reportedly exchanged punches and had to separated by cops at the precinct after the tragedy."

Investigators said "all of the evidence and witness statements confirmed that there was no foul play involved in the singer's demise and that it was an accident," wrote the British newspaper The Sun.

"According to investigator Luiz Alberto Moreira Coelho, the star's hotel room was in complete disarray. The beds were out of place, there was underwear and clothing all over the floor, there were condom wrappers on the beds and in the bathroom, and a large number of used towels."

The three had met on the beach earlier in the day. They then went back to "MC Kevin's hotel room where the two men reportedly paid her £132 each," added The Sun. "The police report details a number of bottles found in the singer's room including gin, energy drinks and a half-consumed bottle of champagne costing £197."

Police chief Antenor Junior told the Brazilian news site Fantastico: "We must point out that all testimonies report excessive consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances, illicit drugs."

He continued. "Extremely scared, worried about being caught cheating by his wife, he panicked and tried to go down to the floor below when he slipped, fell and unfortunately died."

The investigators found no evidence of a fight or violence in the room and concluded that his death, which was witnessed by Fontenelle and Domingues, was an accident.