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Whistleblower Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Trump Campaign

By Danica Kirka | Mar 23
"My ears perked up when I started hearing some of these things like 'drain the swamp' or 'build the wall' or 'the deep state' because these were all narratives that had come out from the research that we were doing."

Q&A: Facebook's CTO Talks About Fake News, Russia

By Ryan Nakashima | Mar 5
Under fire for Russian abuse of its service during the 2016 presidential election, the spread of fake news and more, Facebook has promised to right the ship this year.

Russian Election Assault Poses Quandary for 2018 Campaigns

By Tom LoBianco and Steve Peoples | Mar 2
Encrypted messages. Two-factor authentication. Real-time monitoring of social media for malicious internet bot activity. This is the new reality for candidates running in 2018, after the schemes Russia used to disrupt the 2016 campaign.

Governors Worry About Cyberattacks During Fall Elections

By Steve Peoples | Feb 27
Will your vote be safe this year from foreign adversaries working to undermine U.S. democracy? Some of the nation's governors aren't so sure.

Ex-workers at Russian 'Troll Factory' Trust U.S. Indictment

By Naira Davlashyan and Irina Titova | Feb 20
The aim of the factory's work was either to influence voters or to undermine their faith in the U.S. political system, the 37-page indictment states.

Report: Dutch Spies Caught Russian Hackers on Tape

By Raphael Satter and Mike Corder | Jan 30
The Netherlands' spy service broke into the computers used by a powerful Russian hacking group and may be sitting on evidence relating to the breach of the U.S. Democratic National Committee.

Cybersecurity Firm: U.S. Senate in Russian Hackers' Crosshairs

By Raphael Satter | Jan 12
The same Russian government-aligned hackers who penetrated the Democratic Party have spent the past few months laying the groundwork for an espionage campaign against the U.S. Senate, a cybersecurity firm said Friday.

AP Analysis: Report Warns of Russian Meddling

AP Analysis: Report Warns of Russian Meddling

Jan 11
A new report by Senate Democrats warns of deepening Russian interference throughout Europe and concludes that President Donald Trump has offered no strategic plan to safeguard democracies.

Russian Hackers Targeted More Than 200 Journalists Globally

By Raphael Satter, Jeff Donn, and Nataliya Vasilyeva | Dec 24
The list of journalists provides new evidence for the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion that Fancy Bear acted on behalf of the Russian government when it intervened in the U.S. presidential election.

Judge Warns Manafort: No More Op-Eds On Case

Judge Warns Manafort: No More Op-Eds On Case

Dec 11
A federal judge is warning President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort that he can't be trying his case in the press. That includes drafting opinion essays published in other countries.

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