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Review: 'Requiem For A Dream - Director's Cut' Spectacular on 4K

by Greg Vellante
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 22, 2020
Review: 'Requiem For A Dream - Director's Cut' Spectacular on 4K

In what will continue to be more and more of a trend as the years progress, popular films of the early millennium will begin to be re-released on 4K Ultra HD. Being in 2020, we're already celebrating the two-decade anniversaries of iconic works of that year, including Darren Aronofsky's breakthrough film, "Requiem for a Dream."

Touted in its time as a powerful psychological work, and lauded for its performances, including the Academy Award-nominated Ellen Burstyn, Aronofsky's film is a hypnotic picture that focuses on four different protagonists within the world of addiction. It's a loud, punishing work that either works or doesn't work for the viewer. There are some who consider it a stone-cold masterpiece, and others who absolutely loathe it. I fall somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of personal thoughts, there's no denying that this 4K release wins big in terms of visuals and sound. The 4K Ultra HD scan was supervised by cinematographer Matthew Libatique, featuring four times the resolution of full HD and including Dolby Vision, which adds even richer quality to the image. The colors are spectacularly bright and vivid, while the blacks are impressively deep and dark, altogether giving this visually ambitious picture a look that is hard to ignore. Plus, with Dolby Atmos sound, the aural impact of the film can truly be felt, especially if you have a quality sound system.

This 4K release has four new featurettes offered in the bonus features, along with a collection of previously released material, both on the 4K disc and the included Blu-ray copy. These features include:

• "On Set: 1999" Featurette
• "Transcendent Moments: The Score of Requiem for a Dream" Featurette
• "Ellen Burstyn on Requiem for a Dream" Featurette
• "Through Their Eyes: Revisiting Requiem for a Dream" Featurette
• Audio Commentary by director Darren Aronofsky
• Audio Commentary by director of photography Matthew Libatique
• "The Making of Requiem for a Dream" Featurette (on Blu-ray)
• Deleted Scenes with optional Audio Commentary by director Darren Aronofsky (on Blu-ray)
• "Memories, Dreams, & Addictions: Ellen Burstyn Interviews Hubert Selby, Jr." Featurette (on Blu-ray)

"Requiem for a Dream" 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack is now available from Lionsgate Films.

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