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Rhode Island Becomes 10th State to Pass Marriage Equality

By Joe Siegel | May 2
With Governor Lincoln Chafee’s signature, Rhode Island became the tenth state in the nation to pass marriage equality legislation, allowing same-sex couples to wed.

Hate Groups Fight Against Rhode Island’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill

By Joe Siegel | Apr 18
With help from out-of-state groups, the Rhode Island chapter of the National Organization for Marriage has continued to rally opposition on the state’s same-sex marriage bill now before the state senate.

RI Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Marriage Equality Hearing

By Joe Siegel | Mar 23
Hundreds of supporters and opponents appeared before the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Mar. 21 to weigh in on a marriage equality bill.

Organized Religion Lends Support to Marriage Equality Legislation

By Joe Siegel | Mar 4
Communities of faith have not always been strong advocates for gay civil rights. But in Rhode Island, more than 100 clergy and faith leaders have been active in the fight to secure marriage equality.

"Courageous Love" Awards Honor Champions of Marriage Equality

By Joe Siegel | Feb 8
Following a recent victory for same-sex marriage in the General Assembly, the leaders of the marriage equality movement in Rhode Island were honored for their efforts in a special Feb. 3 event, the Courageous Love Awards.

Passage of Marriage Bill in Rhode Island Hinges on Religious Exemptions

By Michelle Smith | Jan 26
A day after the House overwhelmingly passed a gay marriage bill the head of the State Senate said its fate hinges on how broad the provisions exemptoing religious denominations from performing same-sex weddings are.

Rhode Island Marriage Bill Passes House Judiciary Committee

By Joe Siegel | Jan 24
For the first time ever, a Rhode Island General Assembly voted to send a marriage equality bill, sponsored by Rep. Arthur Handy, to the floor.

Rhode Island Legislature Introduces Gay Marriage Bills

By Joe Siegel | Jan 9
The Rhode Island legislature introduced two pro-marriage equality bills this week that will handily pass through the House, but face tough opposition from the Senate.

News Analysis: Evaluating the Next Marriage Equality States

By Steve Weinstein | Nov 15
In the wake of the stunning Nov. 6 victory, marriage equality advocates are setting their sites on Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware and New Jersey.

RI Same-Sex Couples Won’t Have to Pay Estate Taxes

By Joe Siegel | Nov 12
Thanks to the hard work of Lise Iwon, whose partner died last march, Rhode Island sex couples who are married or joined in civil unions will be allowed to take the same marital deductions as opposite-sex couples.

1 thru 10 of 38 Stories