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WORKAHOLICS - The Complete Series on DVD!


Out Now!

Enjoy all seven seasons of Adam, Blake and Ders' exploits in one complete set.

Includes TONS of special features:

Season 1
Cast Interviews
Deleted Scenes
Digital Originals
Alternate Takes
Live at Bonnaroo
Extended Catherine Zeta-Jones Song
Extended Ders Rap
First Look Trailer
Shart Stories

Season 2
Audio Commentary
Alternate Takes & Deleted Scenes
Behind the Scenes in the Writers' Room

Season 3
Alternate Takes
"My Queen" Music Video
The Other Cubicle Episodes

Season 4
Deleted and Alternate Scenes
Promos for Season 4

Season 5
Deleted Scenes
Dolph Lundgren Tribute
DeMamp Camp Vol. 2
Season 5 trailer
Behind the Scenes of the Workaholics Season 5 Trailer
Drugs on Season 5
Acting vs. Writing

Season 6
Deleted Scenes

Season 7
Deleted Scenes
"The Last Shot"
"Wrap Reel"

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