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Scared Stiff

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Apr 23, 2019
Scared Stiff

Oh, how special effects in horror films have changed over the years. Production values have also increased in that genre, and looking no further than "Scared Stiff," one can see the laughably cheesy low-key effects used in 1986. Arrow Video releases this cult favorite for those fans that know about the late '80s offering.

The above-mentioned low budget special effects aren't used until the final 20 minutes in "Scared Stiff." I can't help but use the bad pun "bored stiff" when watching the sleep-inducing 55 minutes that precede the whacky ending.

File "Scared Stiff" into the supernatural haunted house horror movie genre, a film that concerns rock female star Kate (Mary Page Keller), who moves her son (Josh Segal) and boyfriend (Andrew Stevens) into a dilapidated mansion because, well, she can afford to. When she's not filming her latest music video, Kate notices her boyfriend is acting bizarre and her spooked son can barely communicate. Has the ghost of the mansion's previous owner possessed Kate's boyfriend and scared her son?

If you answered yes, you've figured out the basic plot. The highlights of this non-frightening horror film include Keller lip-synching to a bad 1980s power ballad and Stevens walking around shirtless in his pajamas.

I wish "Scared Stiff" had more to offer, but Arrow Video does include a brand new documentary called "Mansion of the Doomed: The Making of Scared Stiff." At a little over a half hour long, this behind-the-scenes extra on the Blu-ray reveals (among other things) that pop music stars Sheena Easton and Chrissie Hynde were offered the lead role but turned it down. Actor Andrew Stevens also can barely remember his time filming the movie, reiterating that "Scared Stiff" is for die-hard fans only.

"Scared Stiff"

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