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House.Boi Gets a New Owner

by Randy Hope
Monday Apr 30, 2012

Spring is naturally a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. This season, however, unexpected changes and transitions are in store at home of one of Hillcrest's most popular establishments-House.Boi.

Folks familiar with the truly original pop store and Ari Clare, creator of the unique shopping men's gayborhood shopping experience, might be surprised to learn there's a new head of the house.

Nobody, as surprised as James Culver is himself about his venture officially as new owner of House.Boi.

"The opportunity to acquire House.Boi was all timing and coincidence," explains Culver, who after recently ending a career with a large environmental services company sought business opportunities allowing interaction with the community.

"I think that the serendipitous moment propelled the deal farther and faster than either one of us really anticipated," he explains.

Happenstance found him House.Boi when a mutual friend connected him to former owner Ari Clare. Both sought a change of direction in life and it was a perfect match.

Clare created a bang in the neighborhood during the summer 2007, when his unique retail concept popped up. House.Boi not only integrated contemporary furniture and home accents with hip men's clothing and accessories, but brought to town a distinctively pop store, giving "bois" and men alike, a new kind of shopping experience, while offering a unique product line found nowhere else.

"Count on Hillcrest to have such a fantastic concept-with store creativity and community support-both financially and morally," he says, noting it was an experience so great that he immediately realized opportunities for growth and bought the "boi."

With a financial background in processes and controls, Culver says he knows that it's important to be surrounded by people who have difference talents and experiences. He maintains such diversity in the force of people he's found who are passionate about continuing to make House.Boi succeed.

"We have a great team assembled and have developed great camaraderie through mutual respect and effort," he notes. "Most importantly, we have fun."

Still, Culver is diligent to keep a tidy house for everyone. He is passionate about environmental and social justice causes. "I believe that each of us bears a responsibility for our impact on others and our impact on the planet," Culver says. He follows a vision of creating a more sustainable society through economic, cultural and social development-both globally and locally.

The addition of his role with House.Boi adds to the already busy life he has with his partner and as father to three 11-year-old children. All of whom are equally excited about the addition of House.Boi to the mix and getting involved in the local community, whose support Culver says is making the transition a success.

Culver looks forward to continuing the relationship House.Boi is known for having with the community. He especially hopes to make a stronger connection with local artists to develop regular art events allowing local artists, regardless of their medium, to display their talents.

"We're resolved to help find solutions to the 'starving artist dilemma,'" he says.

House.Boi is continuing its reputation as the location to find unique gifts for unique individuals, the new owner maintains."Our passion for who we are and for the community we serve," is the driving force Culver promises will continue to distinguish his business. There are many new exciting things in store for House.Boi, including the upcoming May trunk show and the new line Cult of Individuality.

Stop by today to check it out and say hello to the new owner.

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