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No More Phone, Computer for ’Ex-Gay’ Grindr User

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Chalk up another vocal Christian "ex-gay" who seems not to be able to backtrack. Matt Moore, who has made a great show of his rejection of homosex after finding Jesus, admitted to the Christian Post that he has "learned not to underestimate the power of my flesh."

After being thrown into the media spotlight last week, the "ex-gay" Christian blogger who was caught using the gay hookup app Grindr now says he got rid of his computer in order to "prevent giving into temptation" again.

In that same interview with the Christian Post, the website where he extensively wrote how religion saved him from the gay lifestyle, Moore, 23, says that he got rid of his electronics so he won't be tempted to cruise Grindr or similar apps and websites.

"I have sold my computer and have had someone put a lock on my phone where I cannot download apps or access the Internet through a non-filtered browser," Moore told the publication. "Ultimately, this isn't the solution. My heart being captured by the grace of God and brought into humble obedience is the solution. But not taking precautions is dumb, so these are the precautions I have taken."

When the Post asked Moore what he would tell "a Christian suffering from same-sex attraction," he said that they would need Jesus.

"The world will tell you to embrace your homosexual desires because it'll make you happy in this life," he said. "Jesus tells you to deny yourself and follow Him and promises to give you eternal life if you do."

Moore told the Huffington Post to say he doesn't "promote sexual conversion therapy or promote that people to try and reorient their sexual preferences. So much of what's being printed are old ideologies of the 'ex gay movement,' and they're falsely being placed on me. I don't support those ideologies and I think they are harmful."

He admitted that he doesn't believe he will "ever be attracted to women. So I don't encourage others to make that a goal, either" but urges "people to seek The Lord and seek the truth." (The Huffington Post writer didn't specify how Moore contacted the website, but since has no phone or website, the means of communication must have been miraculous.)

Last week, Zinnia Jones of Freethought Blogs exposed Moore when a reader tipped her off that the "ex-gay" blogger was secretly using Grindr and looking for "special friends." When the story broke, Moore confirmed to Jones that it was really him on Grindr and not a fake.

"I am wrong in having been on Grindr. I haven't changed my views on homosexuality, the Bible, etc.," he told Jones. "Creating a Grindr profile and talking to guys on it was major disobedience on my part....disobedience to Christ. Disobedience to a loving and gracious God. Thankfully, I believe that He forgives me for this disobedience. I believe the blood of Christ covers this disobedience. And I won't be on grindr again....ever."

What made the story so sensational was that Moore blogged for the Post, where he made extravagant claims that he was "cured" of his homosexuality. In a lengthy piece entitled, "My Story: Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Grace and Redemption," he writes how Christianity has helped him leave his gay lifestyle.

"I can, in truth, firmly say that the longer I keep turning away from my homosexual desires, the less in strength they become," Moore wrote. In August Moore encountered a setback and wrote that he was still having urges to sleep with men.

"Although I have same sex thoughts on a daily basis, I do not, in any way, feel compelled to ever return to a lifestyle of homosexuality," he wrote. More recently, Moore blogged that he was suffering from "overwhelming loneliness."


  • , 2013-02-13 03:06:55


  • , 2013-02-13 05:57:42

    I think its sad that all he thinks homosexuality is, drug, sex, and deviant behavior. When its only what you make of it.

  • , 2013-02-13 06:02:51

    People can decide to think about this any way they want. They better know scripture, however, when it’s all over to back-up their positions. As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord...

  • , 2013-02-13 06:46:17

    As for the person who knows scripture, I seriously hope you don’t have an unruly child, for scripture made it clear that you were to take them in front of the priest and have them stoned to death. Old scripture said a lot of things so called Christians DON’T follow . As for myself though, I will not judge by the law,less I die by the law, since I will be judged by the measure it have judged others.

  • WayGay, 2013-02-13 06:59:06

    That is one sad, sad little man with nothing but self-hate. His parents and pastors really did a number on him. I really feel sorry for him.

  • Michelle, 2013-02-13 07:39:37

    I personally think he is fighting the urge to act out his gay tendencies simply because he has nut jobs for parents and/or family who have drilled their hate and ignorance into his head and he believes it. Just be who you are and stop fighting against it already. That’s the only way you will be truly happy.

  • , 2013-02-13 07:45:11

    I wish he would just accept who he was an realize he is too old to be pushed around by people and by religion

  • puck, 2013-02-13 07:52:13

    How sad! Your religion should make you happy and proud. This misguided boy is miserable everyday. To wake up torment yourself every time a man walks by and tell yourself it’s bad have got to suck! I am a 41 year old man in a 14 year relationship and my only morning dilemma is which treat does my dog get? Chicken or beef!

  • , 2013-02-13 13:24:22

    How about the Ex-Christian movement. Guess I’ve joined the swelling ranks in America. Nothing worse then being lectured or preached to by a "flesh" being who commits these personal definitions of social deviance.

  • , 2013-02-13 18:20:26

    A sad, confused and pathetic man.

  • adamissac, 2013-02-14 05:11:23

    This guy is so confused and sad. What he really needs is to come to love his true gay self.

  • , 2013-02-14 13:17:37

    the obvious is tempted, so he’s not cured. in my meditations God has assured me that I am creation and I’m important to God to my family to myself to my friends in my world. It’s love that passes all understanding I pray for this man

  • , 2013-02-14 15:50:29

    Jesus asks that you deny your possessions & materialist concerns - not that you deny your journey to find love. This is the same journey that will find him. Christians who obsess over the letter of the law are just like the Pharisees Jesus criticized. This mentality too has to be denied in order to wake up & make it through that eye of the needle.

  • Wayne M., 2013-02-14 17:02:41

    This is a sad situation. If Matt Moore wants to build a life of happiness, he needs to accept his homosexuality for what it is - a gift of God and use this gift in a positive giving way. He also needs to ignore the pseudo-Christians who prey on LGBT people with quack therapies that only create confusion - and, oh yes, bring them big money.

  • , 2013-02-14 23:56:48

    As St. Francis de Sales said "be who you are and be that well". So I can be gay and a Christian. Oh S@#$ I think I just broke the universe.

  • , 2013-03-04 05:18:25

    I seriously hope that either Matt can find the peace he needs to be at home with himself in his own skin or that his face is plastered all over the world as an example of attempting to "cure" something that is NOT a disease. That being said, I doubt his electronic self-exile is fully "non-battery powered."

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